Monday, September 24, 2018

Beaches in British Columbia

Hi,  The Travelling Chicken and Co.  arrived from Victoria on Salt Spring Island (a short ferry ride away)  to visit me Evelyn Oldroyd.
TC and SeniorAzul had a great  walk to Beddis Beach where they enjoyed the sun, waves and sand.

The next morning TC was awake enough to go to the beach again for a portrait in the early morning light before the sun was up!

TC sat on a small rock at the edge of the water (very brave as the water was cold!) and enjoyed the lapping waves and view of the other islands in the distance. 

Soon after they arrived we were off on a road trip to Christina Lake in the Boundary Country of British Columbia.  This meant a longer ferry ride very early in the morning.  Little Chicken and her chicks stayed snugged up, but TC and SeniorAzul came up on deck to enjoy the views.

At Christina Lake TC & Co. stayed at Cascade Cottage on the first tee of the golf course.  They enjoyed the beaches at Christina Lake  had hoped to go floating on the Kettle River, but  smoke from the many fires in the province came along which made being outside too uncomfortable.

We had hoped to have another painting session before they left, but had to get going to Cache Creek, another town in British Columbia.  We did take the opportunity for a few photo sessions so I hope to get more paintings done!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Wine at Big Bar Lake and Grandma Duck

My name is Sharlene Stushnov-Lee and I am an artist living in Victoria, BC.  I first met TC and "the gang" a few years ago when they came to visit my good friend Marcela Strasdas, here in Victoria.  It sounded like they had a very good time together and I always thought that I would like to have them come and visit me.  But alas, life got in the way.

So you can imagine how surprised and delighted I was to find that they were making a return visit and would be joining us on our annual painting trip this year.    

Every year Marcela, Deborah (another friend) and I go on a painting road trip and this year was no exception.  We spent time in Kelowna, Ashcroft and Big Bar Lake. 

"Afternoon Wine" - The Gang at Big Bar Lake - Watercolour

One afternoon while we were at Big Bar Lake, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Senor Azul, Chicken and Hen and  . . .  how did that wine box get in there?  Yes, our visit may also have involved a little bit of afternoon wine. 

"Visiting Grandma Duck" - Acrylic on Canvas - 8"x8"

When we returned to Victoria, Senor Azul and The Gang finally came over to my house to meet Grandma Duck.  Grandma Duck has been around for a long time and was happy for some company.   Unfortunately, TC and friends couldn't stay long as they had already made arrangements to visit Saltspring Island, so after a short visit they packed up (or I should say were packed up) and off they went.   

Hmm . . . .perhaps another road trip next year?

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

On the road again in British Columbia, Canada

The Art Critics - 8x8 - Oil on Canvas

As I mentioned before I had to go on a plein-air trip into the interior of British Columbia and I knew TC and Gang would enjoy a road trip as they usually travel by air and in confined spaces (a box!). This time they enjoyed seeing the Canadian landscape and of course got to pose for some of my fellow painters. When we came back from the trip, I was looking at all the paintings I had done during the trip and they were helping me figure out which ones needed some adjustments. Now that I took the photo of the painting and look at it again, it looks as if the clouds are coming out of SeƱor Gallo's mouth! We know now who had the  most to say! I will be forever grateful TC and Gang for your help!! Till the next time!

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Excited to go through the mountains!

I think they were a touch bored at this point....

Back on the ocean

They even got to go on BC Ferries to get to Vancouver Island

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