Monday, August 22, 2016

Traveling Chicken and friends visits Richfield, OH

My name is Cheri Homaee and TC and her friends came to Ohio at a bad time.  Seventeen year Cicada's and Heat...Ugh,  so we had a lot of fun inside.  She visited with some friends of mine on the Dayne(my son) shelf.  The Dayne shelf are small polymers items that my son made when he was younger, so she and her friends hung out a lot with them.  All kinds of conversations going on into the nite,I could hear them talking late into the night.

Everyone one wanted to get into the act in the photos..  All enjoyed talking and hanging out.  TC and friends  made a lot of new friends, some were too  shy and didn't want their photos taken.

So King Frog and TC did a selfie and  wanted me to do their portrait to remember her by, first selfie the the rooster did a photo bomb, but they took the selfie over when he wasn't looking.  So much fun!

9 x 12 Strathmore Bristol Smooth  
Prismacolor Premier softcore color pencils

So TC and her friends are on their way to a new destination in Quebec.  They must be tired all that traveling around.  Safe Travels gang!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Traveling Chicken goes to Big D!

Traveling Chicken was visiting me, Kay Wyne in my studio in Dallas, Texas.  It was too hot for Traveling Chicken to go outside and play, so I painted TC with one of my many roosters.  Since my rooster was larger ((everything is bigger in Texas!), I put TC on a solo cup (just the right height and a punch of blue is just what the still life set-up needed.)  They were having a little chit chat.

Chit Chat
Finished 12" x 16" Oil on RayMar Cotton Panel
Traveling Chicken is all packed up and ready to go to the Post Office this morning and is heading to Ohio.  This painting is for sale...and would love to have a new home.  Contact Kay for purchasing info.  Thanks for looking at this blog.  Happy Painting!  Kay Wyne

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ms. Chicken Has Fun in Byron, Georgia

Sweet little TC and her friends knocked on my front door on a Friday afternoon. We had nothing but fun fun fun for a whole week! As soon as the feathery flock unpacked, we began a tour of my country yard. Right away, TC fell in love with the three "birdie swimming pools" under a canopy of Live Oak trees. These became the highlight of her visit.

The chickens enjoyed hanging out on this baker's rack whenever I cooked our meals. It's near the back door, so they could watch the sun setting over the woods. Senor Azul would wade in a bowl of berries, pretending to make wine while the ladies chatted. TC talked of her sudden desire to contact Walmart and propose a new "Traveling Prairie Chicken" line of kitchen decor.

After much more time at the pool, Senor Azul was craving a "manly adventure." He soon spotted a stack of old firewood under a tall Hickory tree at the edge of my woods. "Perfect for climbing!" he crowed. These brave chickens were not afraid of the poison ivy that wove through the scene, but I was very careful. TC thought the ivy was beautiful, and she loved basking in the ray of light. Senor Azul was thrilled to be exploring and pecking for bugs...just like country chickens do.

We had another day of country adventure that included picking blueberries. Finally, Mama Hen asked that we play indoors so her babies could rest. (Little did she know, the noisy neighbor kids would come to play.)  It was time for me to begin TC's painting, so we all gathered in the art room. While TC posed, the visiting neighbor kids (aka "little monsters") tried to make her laugh.

TC and I stayed up late, discussing her painting and flexing our imaginations.  She wanted something to commemorate her favorite part of the visit...the "birdie swimming pools."  We hope you like what we came up with.  TC says I've captured her "wild and sunny side."  

TC likes this early morning view, embellished with stripes of light and hints of lace.

"TC is FREE!" is acrylic on 8x8 inches wrapped canvas.  TC's body is slightly metallic.  This painting and more can be seen at Art by Susan on my website, .

THANK YOU for joining "TC and Friends" on her Georgia adventure!