Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The traveling Chicken is in St-Lazare!

Oil on canvas
8 x 16
Available here: 

So where is St-Lazare?  A question even some people living 30 minutes away from us wonder.  It's a little town west of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
We have horses and crazy big trees.  It's the country only steps from Montreal.

So TC arrived with his friends and I was sooooooo honoured to be hosting him for the week!
As soon as they arrived they took this selfie

I had to finish a commission before I could paint him so he had to be very patient… and me too because I had so many ideas for her!

While she waited he made friends with my favourite knickknack, the Tiffany blue unicorn.

Then it was time to try some of the painting poses I had imagined for her.  Here's one example of how things look better in my imagination then in reality.  This happens A LOT! 

So I decided to paint him in a pair of jeans because painting jeans make me so happy.  I also thought her beautiful yellow colour would pop out in contrast to the blue.
Here she is making sure I get the shade just right.  She was very scared I was going to make her look like a turkey.

It's now time to go visit the next artist!  I will never forget you TC xxx