All About

The Traveling Chicken was an idea first founded by Azra in the UK. Having painted her adorable ceramic chick, she contacted her artist friend Karla Uphoff in the USA and asked if she would be interested in painting the chick. Karla contacted Nan Johnson who then contacted Jill -- and so the story unfolds.

The "movement" has taken on a life of its own since then; and a small band of chicken friends have grown and evolved over time.  Many little chicken friends joined by going rogue and running away with "The Gang"; when visiting an artist.  And, thus a small band of chicken friends have grown over time.

Each artist may paint their interpretation of any of them as well; which makes for a very interesting adventure!

TC, or Ms Chick; has seen many artists and countries and is a little weary for wear; and has retired to bask in the sun.  But fear not; as many more of her friends travel to visit amazing artists who tell their stories.  Senor Azul (who; as we all know holds a very dear place in his heart for TC) has volunteered to take up the torch and lead the group of Traveling Chickens around the globe.

It has become more than a painting or drawing - each artist is weaving their own chapter in the story of the chickens that traveled the globe - The Traveling Chicken.

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