Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hoots Man, the Travelling Chickens are in Bonnie Scotland

Ive waited a long time for my turn to have the chickens and then find I am up to my ears with our towns four day open studio event, followed by teaching a one day life drawing workshop,
My studio is now operational and finally got my painting done!

This is an exciting time in Scotland, we have just hosted the Commonwealth Games! It is also a time of division, as we prepare to vote in the referendum for Independance.
It is a huge deal for each one of us, here in Scotland, for or against....I am still deciding.......I find political speak difficult to understand....I'm hoping someone will speak up in a language I can understand!
Here, the chickens are having a heated discussion "yes" says little yellow chicken, "no" announces skinny blue bird.....see, they are just as confused as me!!!!

Actually the blue bird, I have just found out is a cockerel or rooster, as I went to pack him away, I found his "comb" in the bubble wrap!
So we have before and after shots! I quite liked the shaved look!

-Margaret S Milligan