Monday, November 13, 2017



Well, TC has decided to retire.  She is just a bit too fragile now; and the hairline crack is a bit too deep for travel.  So, for a while her twin sister has traveled all the way from Azra in the UK to step in and take her place for a bit.

You can tell them apart, as there is a little chip on her comb.  But, I assured her no one would mind; and I might have a bit of color for her in my studio.

Thank you Azra!!! (((hugs)))

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Chickens Visit Christina Wegman in Huntsville, AL

When I read about this project, I immediately knew that I wanted to host TC myself one day.  What could be more fun than having Senor Azule and his chicken pals come to visit Huntsville, AL (aka "The Rocket City") for a few weeks to get a portrait done?  Soon after my own return to the States from a summer in Germany, he arrived at our door with hen and chicks.  He greatly enjoyed visiting my home in one of our lovely Historic Districts and my art studio in Downtown Huntsville.  We talked about our travels-- we both like to visit new places and he is quite a charismatic guest.  He wanted to be painted larger than life, so I chose to do a 16X20 canvas in water-based oils with a lot of bright colors that would compliment his beautiful feathers.  Since I used to work in a purely abstract Expressionistic style before developing more traditional styles for the formal portraits, city scenes, and house paintings that I am often commissioned to do, Senor Azule seemed to like the idea of me paying homage to my roots in his portrait with an abstract background.

The finished piece is available for $275 plus shipping and handling-- Email for details.  I also post my work regularly on my blog and FB page.

Monday, September 25, 2017

TC amongst the Coleus Leaves with Nan in New Jersey

As promised to TC, I did work on her painting - she wanted colorful she said. 
So, working from one of the snapshots I took while she was enjoying my Coleus plants, 
I did a quick acrylic ink, wash & paint of her. 

I think I will keep this one (not for sale) - framed & hanging in my studio. 
She is such a delight to work with & to entertain!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

TC visits Jan Avery in Colorado

Bacon and Eggs
Oil on Board
by artist Jan Avery

Jan says:
"She's been a delightful guest - never complaining about anything.  And, Lil' Piggy sure enjoyed her company and visit"

Even though TC will be retiring soon; I hear her twin sister may come to have a go at a bit of traveling and is on her way to the states.  TC and Senor Azule also have a bit of a surprise to share.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I sat down with TC last night and we had a long talk. She said she considered retiring and that she knows she is becoming a bit fragile. But in her heart, she needed to continue to visit artists. She just LOVES having her portrait done! I told her I feared her breaking but she told me it was ok, that even if that did happen, she would live on as a celebrity. I realized then she was right. But I told her if ever she decided to retire, that my door was always open!

This morning when I was at the bus stop waiting I noticed someone had left an inspirational rock. It was placed there by an anonymous person with a message to spread. When I saw it, I smiled, and I thought about my conversation with TC. Her photo here with the rock really explains this little chick, I think.

I packaged the crew up, in bubble wrap, and placed them in their traveling box. Off to the post office today, and they are on their way to the next artist.

I did promise TC I would finish her portrait in the Coleus plant. When it's done I will post it.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Hmmmm, so I walk into my studio this evening & I find TC and Señor reading the AARP bulletin. I think there's something going on here.........

....... to be continued.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A visit with an old friend

Back in April of 2012, I was visited by TC - I was only the 3rd artist to participate in the Traveling Chicken blog.

Today, August of 2017 - 5 years later and after many, many artists have been visited, TC has once again arrived at my doorstep. Along with Señor Gato & momma hen and chicks! They were so happy to pop out of their travel container & stretch! Straight out onto the lawn they went & under the Hydrangea bush of my neighbor! Oh boy, I had to quick head over to gather them up!

Next they found their way into my flower boxes. Oh how TC loves flowers, the brighter the color the better! I love to plant in containers and have quite a few scattered around. I think both Señor Azul and TC must have inspected every single one!

One of TC's favorite is my Coleus plant - she just loved all the colors in the leaves.

Senor Azul was fond of the salmon color impatients.

Suddenly momma hen started clucking rather loudly & Señor Azul & TC quickly ran to her side to see what was wrong. "Nothing wrong" she clucked, "I've made a couple of new friends here, the Turtle twins!

The chatter rose quickly as they introduced themselves to each other. And there was much ado about flowers, and plants, and gardening. After a bit, the chicks joined me indoors. It was then that TC asked if I would paint her again, only different than the last time, this time she wanted something special. I asked why special, she only clucked and smiled at me. "Ok, ok, keep your little secret -- for now," I said.

"All in due time" TC replied, then scampered off to talk with my parakeet "Blue."

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy 150th Bird-day Canada!

Well, it certainly has been an eventful couple of days for TC, Señor Azul, Stuart and Red the Squirrel. 

It all started yesterday morning (July 1) when TC suggested to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday (known as 'Canada Day'), she’d love to go on a big cat safari.  Señor Azul and Red the Squirrel agreed this would be a delightful idea.  Stuart, who can be a little timid – especially when it comes to cats - wasn’t sure about this idea, but went along all the same.   

Upon arriving at the cat safari, the gang was in awe of the animals.  In addition to several big cats, there was also a stunning beaglesaurus (a very rare and docile species). 

The visit started off well enough, but quickly took a turn of the worse.  A big orange cat took notice of Stuart’s tale, and mistaking it for a rope toy, sprung forward to attack.   As this happened, the cat noticed the rest of Stuart’s friends and became very curious.  He stalked around them, sniffing each one.  TC, Señor Azul, Red the Squirrel, and Stuart stood frozen, not even daring to breath.  They prayed the big orange cat would lose interest soon.  As time passed, it seemed evident that this was not the case. 

Stuart decided he had to act.  He took a deep breath, dug down deep to find all his courage, and spun around to face the big orange cat.   As he looked him straight in the eye, he stammered “Back off Cat!!”.  To everyone’s surprise, the big orange jumped with a startle.

“You’re alive?!!? I thought you were inanimate cat toys.  Oh dear, oh dear!  I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if you didn’t speak up”.

TC, Senor Azul, Red the Squirrel, and Stuart stood there in silence – taking in what the cat had just said.  TC went on to clarify, “so you don’t want to eat us?”. 

“Eat you?? Of course not!  We are friendly cats here.  Come, sit, visit.  Tell me all about yourselves.”  And with that, TC, Señor Azul, Red the Squirrel, and Stuart sat down and had a lovely chat with the orange cat (who's name turned out to be Stanley).  TC and Señor Azul recounted many of their tales from their various international adventures.

The rest of Canada Day was very calm and relaxing.  They visited some garden centres, played cards, got a coffee from Tim Hortons, and then finally sat for their portrait.  Red the Squirrel was quite tired and insisted he needed a nap (as such – he didn’t make it into the portrait).

Here is the portrait:

Happy 150th Bird-day Canada!  Oil on Canvas Panel, 6x8 inches.  Click here to purchase. 

Anyway - TC and Señor are flying out soon...on their way to their next adventure.   Let's all wish them luck on their travels!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

TC & Senor Azul have arrived in Ontario

 London Baby!!  And by London, I mean London, Ontario (Canada) 

After a long journey across Canada, TC and Señor Azul arrived late last night.  While a bit tired, they were in good spirits.

Who is TC & Señor Azul? Who am I? Why did I want them to come visit me?

Just in case you don't know, TC (a.k.a Ms. Hen) and Señor Azul are a ceramic Hen and Rooster duo who are on a mission to spread artistic joy around the world.  They travel from artist to artist in order to have their portrait painted and also to meet great new friends. It is such an amazing and unique project that has large community.   Click here to the history of the Travelling Chicken. 

Most of you also may not know me - my name is Kathy MacKay and I am a Canadian artist that lives in London Ontario.  You can learn more about me by clicking here.

One reason I was so excited to be part of the travelling chicken project was so my own Art Mascot, Stuart, could finally meet the famous TC and Señor Azul.  Stuart, a travelling elephant mouse, follows the Travelling Chicken Blog religiously (he gets his tail in a real knot if he misses a post!).  If you want to learn a bit more about Stuart, you can either read my blog post about him or check out his Facebook page.  '

Now that introductions are out of the way, let the latest leg of the journey begin...

After a good night rest, and in true rooster & chicken fashion, TC and Señor Azul were up this morning at the crack of dawn!  They started the day with a delicious breakfast.  Fuelled up and ready to go, our first stop was Westminster Ponds, a nice conservation area in the city.

Next, Ms. Hen and Señor Azul FINALLY met up with Stuart (and a few of Stuart's friends!).  While he was so excited to meet them, Stu was definitely star struck upon first encounter (can you say tongue tied? I've never seen the little guy so quiet).  But TC and Señor Azul were so friendly and so down to down to earth, that Stuart quickly got over his initial fright.  They spent a fun day visiting and even viewed some fantastic art.

Here are the photos we took last night and today.  Hope you enjoy.  We will be sharing more photos as their journey continues!
TC & Senor Azul upon arrival.  They report a good trip. 
As TC and Senor Azul well know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
TC and Senor Azul wanted to go for a little dip at Westminster Ponds.
Ms. Hen sat for a little study for me - to help prepare for her more finished portrait.  

Hanging out on my car!
TC, Stuart, and Senor Azul checking out my art collection (an Elena Katsyura & a Carol Marine - both original!)

From left to right: Red the Squirrel, Stuart, Dr. Duck, Señor Azul, and TC

Seriously?  they needed a mid-day nap?  I can understand why Stuart was so tired - he didn't sleep at all last night because he was excited to meet his favourite travel bloggers.  
Stuart, TC, Senor Azul, and Red - posing for a photo. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Chicken and Champagne - Sea Dean visit IV

5" x 7" Slim wrap canvas
Professional Acrylic and Champagne Sparkles
Bid or Buy at Daily Paintworks

The Okanagan has been growing grapes for over 40 years, but in the past five, wineries have been popping up around every corner. Its not just the tourists that love our wine, us locals frequent the many bistros and patios during summer. Many offer free entertainment and even picnic ares for the family. The largest winery restaurants even stay open year round.

Ms. Chicken lured Azule away from his Ogopogo hunting expedition for a pleasant day vinyard hopping. Azul had heard about our champagne method wines and wanted to take some bottles home for his friends. We sat on a terrace with our wine to enjoy the view. TC found the sparkly bubbles quite fascinating and before I could stop her, she had hopped into my champagne bowl. She said it was quite exhilarating, a cross between a jacuzzi and a polar bear swim.

I tried and tried to get a good image of this painting:There it was sparkling in the sun with the deep impasto creating dimensional shadows, but every photo came out dull. This is definately not a dull painting, during the day it sparkles and at night it glows. You will have to use your imagination.

Sad to say the traveling companions will be leaving the Okanagan for their next adventure. They will take with them some wonderful memories and many souvenir postcards of their visit.

A fond farewell TC and Azule.

Souvenirs of the trip 

All Limited Edition 6" d 8" Canvas Prints Only $29 including shipping. Available only to Travelling Chicken and Paint a Masterpiece Blog Followers. But act fast as there are only 10 of each and then they're gone forever.


Limited Edition iPad Drawing 6" x 8" Canvas Print - TC ON OKANAGAN LAKE

Limited Edition iPad Drawing 6" x 8" Canvas Print - CHERRY PECKING CHICKEN

Limited Edition iPad Drawing 6" x 8" Canvas Print - ABSTRACT CHICKEN I

Limited Edition iPad Drawing 6" x 8" Canvas Print - ABSTRACT CHICKEN II

Limited Edition iPad Drawing 6" x 8" Canvas Print - ABSTRACT CHICKEN III

Links for Sea Dean

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Abstract Chicken - Sea Dean Visit part III

The Travelling Chicken and I have been thoroughly enjoying our weekend. Snr Azul headed out early with his camera to capture ogopogos image and get the reward. I don't rate his chances highly as people have been trying to get a shot of our illusive monster since photography was invented. Nevertheless Azuls obsession left us girls to enjoy some alone time.

 First TC helped me with my spring cleaning and then I showed her how I create abstracts on my iPad. She begged to be included in one and although I pointed out that including her portrait turns the work from digital abstract into digital collage, she still kept calling them abstracts.

iPad Abstract I 6" x 8" Limited Edition Canvas Print of 10 $29 including shipping

iPad Abstract II 6" x 8" Limited Edition Canvas Print of 10 $29 including shipping

iPad Abstract III 6" x 8" Limited Edition Canvas Print of 10 $29 including shipping

TC iPad Abstract I 6" x 8" Limited Edition Canvas Print of 10 $29 including shipping

TC iPad Abstract II 6" x 8" Limited Edition Canvas Print of 10 $29 including shipping

TC iPad Abstract III 6" x 8" Canvas Print Limited Edition of 10 $29 including shippining

As these Limited Editions are exclusive to Travelling Chicken fans, please contact me here, or via this blog to purchase. Don't delay though, because there are only 10 of each print.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Chicken poses for iPad Portraits - Sea Dean visit II

iPad Drawing Limited Edition of 10
6" x 8" Canvas Print $29 including shipping.

TC Was very excited to hear about my iPad drawings and when she saw the brilliant colors of those translucent layers she asked to sit for an iPad portrait. I've created two drawings so far and there may be more to come, but I will paint her as well.

iPad Drawing Limited Edition of 10
6" x 8" Canvas Print $29 including shipping.

As this is an exclusive offer to Travelling Chicken fans please contact me here to purchase.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ms Chicken Relaxes in the Okanagan, BC Canada - Sea Dean visit I

Ms. Chicken has arrived in the Okanagan and is recouperating with her traveling companion Snr. Azule. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Ms Chicken, she has been traveling the world for over 5 years visiting artists who paint her portrait. She has had many amazing adventures including getting lost several times, being unable to get painted due to a flood and getting smashed at a party (literally). You can follow her escapades from the beginning on her blog here.

The worldwide artists have hosted over 70 visits so far and it gets laborious to see all the paintings via the blog: I decided I would like to see all those portraits in one place, so I've compiled a collection on "The Traveling Chicken" Pinterest Board click here. All the links take you back to the original entries on the blog and you really need to visit the blog.

So back to Ms Chickens current trip. After a good sleep the couple headed out to the balcony to inspect the brightly colored geraniums which had just come into bloom. The weather was lovely and warm, the sun was out and spring was in the air. They frolicked among the leaves for a while playing hide and seek.

Then Azule, always protective of Ms Chicken, saw she was getting tired and suggested  a rock massage. The only problem is he got it all wrong, insisting that this was the way it was done.

Over the next week before TC leaves Sea will be creating several iPad Drawings and at least one painting, so drop in again for more of Ms Chickens adventures in the Okanagan and an opportunity to purchase a unique chicken portrait.

The friends have requested to stay for Art Battle competition on June 16th, which  their hostess, Sea Dean is participating in at the OK Corral. Then they will be on their way east. In the meantime they will be busy sightseeing and posing for portraits.

They are particularly interested in trying to spot the lake monster Ogopogo, depicted below in a collaboration between Sea and her nephew Spencer. I believe the reward for capturing Ogopogos image is what most interests Snr Azule, but Ms Chicken wants to swim with Ogopogo and ask him for a ride.

OGOPOGOS LUNCH BY Sea Dean and Spencer Arguedas

More about the past traveling adventures of Ms Chicken and her companions at

Follow Sea Dean at All links to view more art, comment and purchase link from there. Currently available for commissions and pet portraits.

In case you're wondering, although there are various gramatical rules, traveling is spelled with one 'l' in the USA and two 'll's in The UK. As the chicken started her journey in the UK, her title uses the UK spelling, although that is not set in stone. :)

Friday, May 26, 2017


Poor TC....she is just a little bit worn for wear.

TC has been on semi-retirement; even going on a brief cruise, she just can't get traveling out of her feathers.  She is on her way to visit another artist friend in Canada.  And, even though she is on this trip; her travels will be ending soon.

Constant travel can be a bit weary on the soul; and taxing on the body and feathers.

From all of her travels, TC has become very fragile; and now has a fracture running through her entire little body.  She has seen numerous specialist; and has been told there is nothing that can be done for her.

Senor Azule (who we all know from previous posts) has a very strong crush (ahem; excuse me - admiration) and is very protective of her.  He has insisted that she retire and that he will carry on the Traveling Chicken torch in her honor.  "If anything should ever happen to you mi amor", I overheard him tell her, "I would fall to pieces!"  But the gypsy in her; could not stand another moment of confinement; and the two of them fled into the night without even letting me know - except for a brief note.  The only thing she had scratched was "don't worry, we all know that life is fragile"; and an address of their destination.

I am sure that TC will be sharing her bucket list with us; and is hoping we can all help her out with completing it.

For now, know that her travels will be limited; and that Senor Azule will be taking the helm.

We love you TC.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Grand Adventure with Julie Kirkland in Colorado!

Señor Azule, Ms. Chick, Mama Chick and her brood were feeling the need for a tropical vacation; and decided that a trip to Cancun would be just the thing to warm their cold feet and beaks. One day, as they were taking a dip in the Gulf of Mexico, they made the acquaintance of Margarita the Whale. Margarita was making her daily round trip swim from Cuba (she worked out each day to maintain her girlish figure). As they shared stories of their travels, Margarita mentioned that she often swam from the Gulf of Mexico and up the Rio Grande to visit the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. “A river from Colorado to the Gulf!” exclaimed Señor Azul. The chickens, having never seen the Rocky Mountains, all agreed that they would love to travel there someday. Margarita, being as adventurous as the chickens themselves, offered to take them on the trip that morning. So the chickens hopped on her back and away they went!

As she swam, Margarita explained that the Rio Grande is formed by the joining of several streams in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, just east of the Continental Divide. From there, it flows through the San Luis Valley, then south into the Middle Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico, passing through the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos. The river then continues south through the desert cities of Albuquerque, and Las Cruces to El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. The Rio Grande ends in a small, sandy delta at the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, the river forms part of the Mexico-United States border. Its total length is almost 2000 miles. Needless to say, the chicks often grew restless and Mama Chicken would swim alongside Margarita to allow the chicks to burn off some energy.

Once they reached Colorado and The Rockies, Ms. Chick was astounded by the red rock formations and the height of the mountains. Margarita explained that, hundreds of years ago, the mountains were once entirely covered by oceans. She described many of the fossils that had been found proving this and also told them that dinosaurs had once roamed there as well. She even stopped to show them many of the dinosaur tracks embedded in the rocks.

Before heading off to the next artist in Canada; the little troupe decided to have one more trip to the warm sunny beaches of Cancun. While the trip into the Rockies had taken quite awhile (Margarita had been swimming upstream) the return trip went quickly since they simply shot the white water rapids back. Lying on the beach later that day, they all toasted their adventure with a pitcher of margaritas (their friend’s namesake) and agreed that perhaps they should venture below the equator someday.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Traveling Chicken in North Carolina

The Traveling Chicken and friends visited with us for a few days. They seemed to be exhausted from their travels, and just wanted to sun with our crew here at Holland Creek Farm. We got out the water misters and they had a swell time playing in the water.  They really enjoyed the weather; and sunned themselves afterwards.

They took a ride with us for an excursion about town, unfortunately the camera wasn't working. Some of the friends posed for Judy while she drew them and then painted their portraits.  She used those to make a textile picture that turned out pretty cool and will eventually go on a handmade bag that will appropriately be called
"The Traveling Chicken bag".

We hate to see the friends leave and Fred, Faith and all our other friends will miss them.
Safe journeying.

Judy Holland