Friday, October 26, 2012

Tomorrow's the day for the auction that will take place in Kersting Court in Sierra Madre, CA from 4-6:45. Hope many will come and have a look. I know there will be more than my paintings available to help raise the money for The City of Hope.Walk up a block and over to 31 E. Montecito, and I may be around to say Hi!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Joy Ride

Little Chicken arrived when there was a mood of festivity in the country.  The Dussehra and Navratri festivals being celebrated this month had an effect on her. The display of various dolls happens this time and as I was preparing to showcase them at home, little chicken found Hathi- a locally handcrafted wooden baby elephant. She quickly made friends with him.  Now, both made some plans and Hathi offered to take her around the city of Hyderabad to show her all the sights and sounds….So, quite secretly, they left in a jiffy….and Boy! What a ride she had!  

Here’s a li’l tete-a-tete they had-
Little Chicken:  Wow! What’s this lake here?
Hathi: It’s Hussain Sagar, with the Buddha statue in the middle.
Little Chicken: Why are people dancing away, Hathi?
Hathi:  With their dandiya sticks, they are dancing to the “Navratri Dandiya” beats which are hard to resist you see…
Little Chicken: What are the colorful patterns below?
Hathi: They are ”Rangoli” which is put in front of houses and on the streets during festivities.
Little Chicken: Oh look, Hathi, it’s raining pearls! Truly, I’ve arrived in the City of Pearls!!!
Hathi: You bet! :) You'll find pearls of all kinds here...

Little Chicken:  Now, why have you decked yourself Hathi?
Hathi: I’m off to partake in the Dussehra procession. There will be many of my kind, and horses, and camels too… Alright, that’s enough for now, little friend. Let’s return. It was fun taking you around.
Little Chicken: Thanks a ton Hathi! You have made my day!
Thank you Hathi, for entertaining the Chicken. Thank you Little Chicken, for visiting me. Soon, the little Chicken will be flying to meet Evie McLaughlin in the UK. Happy travels Little Chicken!
Here is my Blog with the post. Thanks!         - Anita Badami

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Namaste, Little Chicken!

Little Chicken has finally arrived in Hyderabad, India!!! When I asked about her long journey, she seemed to be in no mood to respond. Ah, I realized she was very much JET LAGGED! So I just let her rest on her little Diwan (couch cum bed), kept ready especially for her. She made herself cosy and dozed off…
 Here’s what she’s been doing right now….

Little Miss Chicken is going to have a blast for the next few days with me. Let me give her some time to rest, before she is back to her cheerful self again. Who knows, she may have many pleasant surprises in store …J Wake up soon, little Chicken!

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