Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miss Chicken in Scottsdale, Arizona

        MISS CHICKEN and her friends arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona!!  "What are those funny looking plants?" she asked.  "They are cacti, " I replied.  "Some are very, very old.  They store water in their big trunks, and can go months without a drink in the desert and the hot sunshine we have here."  "Wow!!" She exclaimed.  "Cacti are really beautiful.  May I touch one?"  "Better be very careful doing that, "I said.  "Cacti have small and large thorns that can hurt if you touch them. "  "That must be why they get to be so old, " said Miss Chicken.  "Everybody can admire them, but nobody can hurt them."  I thought about that.  Wouldn't it be nice if people could admire our great outdoors, but not hurt it?

Miss Chicken will travel on to her next destination tomorrow.  I will miss her, but know that she has places to go and things to see.  Good-bye Miss Chicken ... and good-bye to her traveling companions too.  Thanks for letting me paint you!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Celebrating the Holidays with the Traveling Chicken

The Traveling Chicken and her two friends arrived here in Altadena, California on December 8th, 2012. She and her flock flew in from Texas after spending a fun time with Darla having tea and getting her beautiful portrait painted.

The beautifully wrapped Traveling Chicken Package from sent from Darla

I was so busy getting ready for Christmas and having out of town guests staying with us that I wasn't able to paint Miss T. Chicken's portrait until after the Holidays.

T.C. was thrilled to spend Christmas with us! It was the first one that she could remember. She happily chose a spot on our Christmas tree amongst all the ornaments right next to one of our big red hearts. She loved how bright and shiny it was and spent hours gazing at it. (probably admiring her own reflection)! Miss T. Chicken celebrated the Holidays and was in her element with being an ornament herself!

"The Traveling Chicken with a big Heart", 8 3/4" x 10 1/2" watercolor
by Kathleen Ballard, 2013

After Christmas she watched her first Rose Parade on television and loved seeing all the floats, bands and horses on New Year's Day.

Now she is packing and getting ready for her next adventure flying to Elle's home in Colorado.

It was so much fun having Miss T. Chicken here for the Holidays and painting her portrait!