Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Traveling Chickens visit Joplin, Missouri - USA

The Traveling Chickens have finally come to visit me in Joplin, MO!

They were so excited to finally get here; as they had a bit of a rest over the holidays and had cabin fever!  They said they LOVE flying!

Joplin is in the southwestern corner of Missouri.

The gang had heard all about Missouri before arriving and couldn't wait to have their portrait painted. Joplin is known for a wonderful artist community:

While they were here they all got to visit the ArtForms Gallery in Pittsburg Kansas!  It was so much fun showing them off and showing off all the wonderful artists works there!

Joplin has many parks and I was having a bit of cabin fever as well; so we packed a basket and headed out to enjoy a bit of unseasonable warm weather.  Of course Big Bertha and Wobble had to come along; as they were already best friends with all of the Traveling Chickens and could not stop asking questions about all of their travels.

We loved having them visit and will be missed; but they have promised Big Bertha and Wobble they will keep in touch.