Saturday, May 24, 2014

Next Artist Please!

Who would like to be next to host Ms. Chick? Please comment or message me if you have time to paint TC now. (many artists I've contacted on the waiting list are tied up at the moment, so I'lm sending out this request in general). Thanks!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day in Maryland

8x8 Acrylic on Canvas Panel

I was SO excited when my turn came for Ms. Chick and her entourage to visit me! (It was actually kind of weird how excited I was opening their travel container). There they were: Ms. Chick, Senor Gallo and Bianca with her chicks.  Celebrities in the house!

We didn't have time to do much sight-seeing around Washington, DC and they came during the endless rain we were having, so mostly we just hung out at home. They made me rent the movie "Paulie" as it's their favorite, along with Rio.  They'd watch me paint and give me critiques - but they were always kind. Last month I rescued a Half-Moon Conure and they were absolutely thrilled to be visiting with another of their own kind. Bella, however, was not so thrilled. She said they were too noisy, too nosy, and when were they leaving? Bella really got upset on Mother's Day. I sat them on the table next to the flowers my daughter had given me, and in honor of the holiday gave them a treat: one of Bella's Avi-Cakes. OHHHH, did I get a squawking to from Bella for that. Of course, now that it's time to leave, Bella wants them to stay. You just can't please some birds!