The Rules

Ah, alas, rules. But as fences make good neighbors, rules make good challenges.....


Please DO NOT HOLD OUR CHICKEN FRIENDS HOSTAGE. Other artists are in anticipation of their turn and some have waited much too long. Please try to keep the possession of Ms. Chick to less a week. (I understand that it may be longer due to mailing days available - if you need a day or two longer please let me know as soon as possible). 

 If you are unable to keep to this time frame please do not commit, as MANY artists are not signing up and/or dropping out of the project because it takes too long for their turn. 

You do not have to paint her while she is visiting; you can take as many photos of her as you would like before shipping her to the next person. But, need to have your painting posted within 2 weeks. If you can not; please let me know, and I will work with you. 

All artists on The Waiting List are anxiously awaiting their turn to host Ms. Chick. Please be respectful of this. Please, please, please, please do not let this project die because too many artists take too long for their turn.


To bring together the internet art community through the eyes of a small band of chickens and friends.

When you participate, it will give readers a chance to meet you, as an artist, and introduce your blog & work to fellow artists & new fans.




YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE A STORY WITH YOUR PAINTING! If you want, I can write one for you - or you can just post your painting - whatever works best for you :) It does not matter what medium or style you work in. What matters is that you are an artist. 

If you have a website or a place where you post your art to or creative process; please provide those links. This can be social media, blog, website, etc. where you will be able to share your creation.

If you are not an artist; but would like to participate; we would love for you to share what you see here.


OUR CHICKEN FRIENDS are delicate, and travel may be dangerous. Therefore, our chicken friends have evolved over time. Your visitor(s) may include different visitors (and may be a new one you have not yet seen on the blog) who are friends of the original Ms. Chick. All artwork done needs to include AT LEAST one of our chicken friends (or as many as are visiting you) within the piece. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO INCLUDE ANY OTHER ITEMS IN THE ARTWORK AS YOU CHOOSE.

You can use any media you like including: digital art, paint, draw, sketch, pastel, scratchboard, mixed media, etc and HAVE FUN; this does not have to be a masterpiece. Please keep all artwork clean -- no derogatory, insulting or unethical pieces please!


I will work with you on getting the information to ship to the next person. Ms Chick will always ship to the artist at the top of The Waiting List - however; artist are well - busy making other art stuff - so schedules change and the list may change as well. The artist is responsible for the cost of shipping to the next artist - please ship responsibly with tracking (IF YOU NEED FINANCIAL HELP WITH THE SHIPPING COST; JUST LET THE ADMINISTRATOR KNOW AND SHE WILL HELP YOU WITH THAT.

A special insulated shipping container has been supplied for Ms Chick and her entourage. Please use this container and wrap it in brown paper (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE BROWN KRAFT PAPER - A PAPER GROCERY BAG TURNED INSIDE OUT WILL WORK) to keep the box clean.


Please post in the blog during your possession of Ms. Chick. This can be a short blog post with a picture of Ms Chick at your home. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE POSTING TO A BLOG; THE ADMINISTRATOR WILL WRITE THE BLOG POST FOR YOU. PLEASE ADD ANY LINKS TO YOUR WEBSITE OR WHERE YOU PAINTING IS FOR SALE IF YOU CHOOSE TO SELL IT.

Please try to keep your posts on The Traveling Chicken blog to less than 3 posts. If you would like to post more than 3 or have more than 1 painting of Ms. Chick and need more than 3 posts, please let me know, so that I can make sure it is posted in order. Be sure to include a link back to your own blog or website AND CONTACT INFO within your posts and if your painting is for sale please include information about where you can find it.


Please keep the story line clean as you weave your chapter of the story, keeping in mind that Ms. Chick is a visitor in your home.

If, for any reason, you can not host the chicken after having signed on - simply email me and we will make different arrangements.


THIS GROUP IS A VERY HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY GROUP; AS IS THE ADMINISTRATOR PANDALANA WILLIAMS. Please do not panic when you receive your visitors. Some artist just got so enamored by all it; that they shut down and were too afraid to paint; as they felt they could not do the experience justice.

NO ART IS BAD where this is concerned. Sometimes; even a simple sketch is better than a painting; as it shows the honesty of the moment. SO, NO FREAKING OUT ALLOWED lol!


However, if you are bitten by the freak out bug, or, if, for any reason, you find you can not produce the art or post while you are in possession of the chicken (sometimes poop happens) - contact me via email and we can alter plans. AND WE WILL STILL THINK YOU ARE AWESOME!

Any problems at all (can't contact an artist, lost info, international shipping problem) - CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME

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