Monday, December 2, 2013

Big chicken and duck party in Emmen, Netherlands:)

Big party in Emmen, The Netherlands!

I already had told my Duck that a guest would come, but we did not expect 3 guests. Great party!!

What did they had much to discuss with each other. It was all cackle. Also at night. But that was no problem. How often does there a chicken family come along that has seen the whole world?

And what do they have spoiled me. As you can see they have cooked for me. Boiled eggs, fried eggs, pancakes with eggs, cake with eggs. It was a wonderful time:)

Unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye.
They are now on the way to the USA to Karen Boe.
I miss them already. and my Duck is all alone again.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ms Chick and her company in Greece!

oil on canvas
10" x 12" (25 x 30 cm)
When Ms Chick and her company came here I didn't believed it.  All the family gathered around the box to welcome her.  My cat, Merlin, didn't want to show it but he was sooo jealous of the attention we were showing to them.  He became more jealous in time when we started going around with her and Mr. Rooster and her friend.  Ms Chick seemed to have a lot of fun but her Rooster didn't stop talking even for a minute. That was a problem, especially during the night or very early in the morning.  Ms Chick was happy to find out that I am a vegan and she was not in danger here, at least with me. 
This painting is from a rest we took after a big walk. They are all discussing their experience here on a wooden seat at the city park of Katerini.  We took a lot of photos but it seemed to most of us that the above was the best one.
Below they are posing near a small lake by the bridge.  
We are so sad now that Ms Chick and her company are going to leave for the Netherlands.  But they will go on to an other adventure and keep traveling all around the world.  I am so jealous!...  Thanks for the visit Ms Chick and come back any time. :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chicken Paprika in Hungary!

The Travelling chicken and her company spent a few fabulous days in Hungary.

At first they were a bit concerned because they were told that Hungary is the home of Chicken Paprika,
a national dish, and it is ridicoulus to travel to a country where getting cooked is a real danger for a chicken.

But...they were relieved to know that their host is a vegetarian, so no real danger here.

After a few welcome drinks they even considered to pose with hungarian paprikas for a painting and laughed a lot.

Their official painting is with a grape and the second informal is with a pumpkin.

Here they are, enjoy!

TC & her entourage are now enroute to Greece!

Aniko Makay

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chicken and her friends spend a couple of weeks in Royal Berkshire, England

The Travelling chicken and her entourage arrived in the leafy county of Royal Berkshire in mid summer. I spent much time wondering how to depict her, and also convey her stopover in the painting. She sat on my studio windowsill, and I gazed at her and then beyond at the oak tree outside. Inspiration struck and so TC is painted in front of a backdrop of the foliage of an English Oak, we are a stones throw from Windsor Royal Park, and so there are plenty of these stately old trees around. The rooster was not such a compliant model and cheekily hid himself in and out of the leaves, pecking at the acorns.

TC also was fascinated by my real chickens which often come to the studio door, and peck around for grit. She is now en route for Hungary.

For further info on Catherine's work please go to her WEBSITE or BLOG

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chicken in a Basket

Chicken in a basket
15 x 15 cm oil on canvas board, painted Alla prima from life

TC and her entourage arrived safely for their visit with me in North Wales. Her visit was well timed, the heat wave was still going strong and our garden was in full bloom.
I took Ms Chicken & friends for a tour of the veggie patch to show them all the fruit and veg my Dad grows and I paint. Whilst admiring the strawberries Ms Chicken noticed all the straw around them and asked if Dad could spare some, of course I said he could and told her I have the perfect thing to put it in. I grabbed a hand full.
Back in my studio amongst my hoard of still life props I had this little basket that I usually paint full of cherries, it was a perfect fit for TC to sit in for the rest of her stay.

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Friday, July 19, 2013


I was awestruck to be chosen as a roosting place for Ms Chicken and entourage on her world travels. To read more about the adventures of the traveling chicken click here. She´s a very busy lady having visited many countries and exciting places and she could be coming your way soon.


Ms Chicken is on her summer holidays and she has quite a busy itinerary which she booked through Tray Cook back in the USA. After her fleeting visit to France Ms Chicken arrived in the UK with her ever growing entourage, having made a swift pass through the Chunnel and on to Dorset and the Jurassic Coast by express bus.

Ms Chicken had heard much about the amazing white cliffs, fossils, smugglers` Inns and lighthouses, but what she really wanted to do is grab her tiny bucket and spade and head for the beach at Sandbanks to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Her entourage were a bit jet lagged and they decided to take a day of rest.

After a terribly cold and wet winter and spring, Ms Chicken had arrived in the middle of a heat wave and all the millionaires were sipping cocktails on their ocean terraces. There wasn´t a soul on the beach which was baking hot. Nevertheless, she enjoyed a paddle in the cool water and then lay down to rest in the dunes. The waves were gently lapping the sand and she must have nodded off. When she awoke she was shocked to see that all her white speckles had turned quite pink. Oh dear perhaps she should have worn sunscreen!

The Traveling Chicken Blog.

6" x 8" on Windpower
On Auction at Daily Paintworks

To view my Gallery or purchase this painting please visit Daily Paintworks. Larger originals in the same series or prints may be available by contacting me. 

To see more of Sea Dean´s work and her blog please click here.

Cat 13177 Ms Chicken goes to the beach

Saturday, July 6, 2013

On the plane again!

Last hours in France for the "poulette"... She was happy to spend a few days in a country where even princesses are eating snails and which emblem is a cock. But she can't stay long in the same place! She wants to see the word!
The cock will be happy to leave a place where Madame have met a new and too close friend. He has clearly heard her tell him that he wasn't romantic enough and something like he wasn't looking at her the same way as before and that he hasn't even noticed she has changed her color... 

"Messes basses"
Oil on canvas 18x24cm

You can visit blog or the facebook page of her hostess to see her recent canvas;  Raphaële Goineau 
and, or the web site for the archives;
You're welcome!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Traveling Chicken goes abroad!

When TC and her entourage arrived at my home at the beginning of this week, I opened the box & package up like it was a present! How wonderful all of you artists were with packing her & giving her such safe quarters!

When I opened the inner box, TC popped out & immediately wanted to know where she was going next (she is really such a jet-setter!). She said she loved visiting with Cathleen, but was ready for the next place and was anxious to know where.

I had contacted the next artist on the list, Karen in Oregon, but she had travel plans & would not be available til after July. Then I noticed the next 4 artists were overseas. So I asked TC - would she like a trip abroad? She was ecstatic! Mr. Gallo Azul (her rooster friend) immediately began to crow, while momma chick simply clucked with delight. TC said she hadn't been abroad since she visited Anita in India & Evie in the UK!

I put together a list of oversea's artists that were on the waiting list and who had time this summer for the project. The artists & travels are (in order):

Raphaële Goineau - France
Sea Dean - UK
Jane Palmer - UK
Catherine Ingleby - UK
Aniko Makay - Hungary
Konstantia Karletsa - Greece
Renate - Netherlands

This morning she left for France - she was so excited I could barely get her to sit still in the box! I told them to be quiet as we entered the Post Office. I didn't need the rooster crowing - for sure the International clerk would have raised an eyebrow! But all went well & they are on their way.

After Greece, TC will probably return to the US, where she will catch up with some of the US artists. She will, no doubt, do a Canadian voyage also, sometime in the not too distant future! 

Hopefully non of the artists on the waiting list are too disappointed, as I know this will change the waiting list order a bit. When the time came for an overseas shipment, I thought it best to combine as many as I could - limiting the trans-atlantic crossings. Hopefully TC & her entourage will survive all their travels.

I look forward to seeing the art & stories! TC will be visiting some interesting places and I know she will enjoy meeting everyone!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Traveling Chicken is now on Facebook!

The Traveling Chicken now has a Facebook page:

I will be updating the Facebook page with each artists entry, along with a link back to the artists blog. Right now I have Azra's initial post, and plan to add each artists post in order of hosting. This is a great way to expand the audience of TC, plus get the assorted artists names, blogs & websites out there.

So head on over & check it out. And be sure to LIKE the page!! And SHARE, so others can find out about TC, her entourage, and us!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Silly Chickens - Go Around the Globe

6"x6" :: oil on archival panel

I signed up to participate in the adventures of the traveling chicken, they arrived a few days ago to my house, and here they are! I will be sending them off to the next lucky artist… someone recently asked me if I ever paint "silly" things. I think these chickens definitely qualify as silly!

Click Here to View or Buy this painting on Daily Paintworks website - "Silly Chickens", you can zoomify if you wish on DPW website.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Traveling Chicken & the Peach

On May 16, Miss Chicken and friends arrived in Macon, Georgia for a visit. Upon their arrival they began to sweat under their wings and their feathers became wet and limp.

"OH!! Mr.Blue" said Miss Chicken, "Oh Georgia is so humid I am having a bad feather day! I LOOK LIKE A WET CHICKEN! How in the world can any one stand to live here?" Mrs. White with her chicks beside her saw nothing but promise. She could tell that this was a place where her babies, would have open space to run and play. She thought the South was a wonderful!! Mr. Blue said "Oh!! but the weather is warm and everything is so lusciously green here. I think this is a delightful place and it has great shade trees. Let's relax and rest before we look for food.

"SUDDENLY a HUGE RED BALL FELL to the ground beside them. "SQUAWK!!" said Miss Chicken. "A bomb just fell out of the sky !! I don't like this place!" Mrs. White was in a panic, keeping her babies sheltered by her body, so nervous she froze and shivered. SAVE us Mr. Blue ! Has the sun fallen out of the sky beside us? "I am so scared!" said Mrs. White. Mr. Blue, circles around this red ball inspecting this thing that had almost squashed them. He was on alert, with his chest out as the protector of the group. He smells a sweet aroma coming from it. Suddenly, a river of juice flowed from the bottom where it has landed. 

"Why Mrs.White, I suspect this is not a bomb, but something wonderful to eat. I like this place! Food just falls from the sky!" They began to taste the sweet juice peach and lick their chicken lips with joy. Now they are ready to travel to Oregon so Miss Chicken can get her fluff back.

- Glenda Clance Coleman

Friday, May 10, 2013

Traveling Chickens Visit Vashon Island

The traveling chicken left Toronto Canada and arrived on Vashon Island at the end of April.  The weather almost every day has been sunny and beautiful and the chickens have spent much time on the patio admiring the view of Puget Sound: blue water, tall green trees and occasional sailboats.  There was discussion of whether or not chickens could swim, especially ceramic chickens.   And whether or not it was better to sail on a small boat or to admire the boat from afar without the possibility of mal de mer.

The chickens will soon be on their way to Georgia to visit Glenda Coleman. 

Gretchen Hancock blog

Saturday, April 13, 2013

She's Traveling Again!

Miss Chicken and her Entourage got suitcase makeovers!  They left my studio on April 11, 2013 and are on their way to Nora MacPhail's studio in Toranto, Canada.  I miss them already!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Miss Traveling Chicken with Brande Arno

6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board

Miss Traveling Chicken and her entourage arrived at my studio on March 29.  I was so happy to receive her visit that I was just about jumping up and down!  She let me know that roosting in the studio while I was roasting the Easter Ham would be just Chicky.  I told her that in the meantime, think about how I should paint her likeness.  I waited and waited.

So today, she gave me the answer.  She didn't just want her painting on an easel...she wanted to be ON THE easel.  OK, so I do happen to have several small easels in the studio.  In short order, she picked the one that best suited her coloring and working together, we got the right pose. 

I have to say, she stays "in pose" well.  I gave her several breaks while I got coffee and she gave me some guidance on the background colors.  I listened because she's been in many a studio and has seen  all manner of palettes.  We are both happy with this painting.  

We'll probably have one more day in the studio and then I have to send Miss Traveling Chicken on her way to the next artist.  It will be hard to say goodbye, so I'll probably put my name back on the waiting list so she'll return.

- Brande Arno

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tea for T. C. and her Peeps

Something was wrong, but I didn't know what it might be.  Everything was set!  I had arranged it all just the way T. C. had mentioned it to my neighbor with her cute accent.  I had overheard them talking over the fence. The Traveling Chicken had said she wanted friends with large ears, (check), a porcelain tea cup with saucer, (check), flowers, (check), steaming hot tea, (check), a beautiful view of the garden, (check), and additional friends that could speak in her native tongue (which is peep), (check).  I am sure that is exactly what I heard.

But I could tell The Traveling Chicken was upset.

Finally, I asked her,  "What is wrong, T. C.?"

With downcast eyes, she sighed,  "Well, since I was in Florida, I was telling your neighbor that I wanted to go to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Disney World.  They serve high tea there, overlooking the gardens.  Mickey Mouse lives close by and I was hoping to talk with him as I have heard he is fluent in Peep."

"Oh, Miss Chicken, I am so sorry I didn't just ask you what you wanted instead of trying to surprise  you."  I replied.  "It's too late to go now, because tomorrow you fly to New York to see Brande Amo."

Miss Chicken thought for a while and then said,  "That's OK.  You tried very hard to please me, so I am going to enjoy the Florida sunshine streaming into the studio, look at the garden view, enjoy my flowered porcelain cup and saucer with it's steaming tea, and talk peep with my new friends until it is time to go to New York."

Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Day

On the morning Miss Chicken was to catch her flight to Pamela's studio in Florida, I just had to take her out in the snow. I felt her visit would be incomplete without the experience.

The morning was crisp and bright, the snow fresh and sparkling. After trying several places to roost, she discovered a group of branches on a hydrangea bush - right beside some dried blooms that have hung on since the fall.

Miss Chicken - Snow Day, 4x6in., oil on gessoboard

The snow fell softly as she sat and gazed at the exquisite scene the snow was creating around her.

I daresay, she did not want to come back inside. But alas, she had a flight to catch.

For background on my process, please visit me at: Art by Dawn Eaton

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Queen for the Day

Coming from her recent travels in Texas, California and Arizona, Miss Chicken was not sure what to make of the cold and the snow when she arrived at my studio in Chicagoland.

Let's just say she was drawn to indoor activities.

Her petite frame fit perfectly within the 'set-ups' my two sons create with their star wars figures, superheroes, legos, toy creatures, etc. The boys eagerly included her in their fun (safety precautions were put in place - a cushy carpeted floor - to avoid any mishaps).

Alongside Obi Wan Kenobi, Batman & Robin, Miss Chicken fought in battles against ninjas, Cad Bane, droidica and the like. She reveled in the adventures of hang gliding and rock repelling (Don't ask me how!) She squealed with delight as she slid down the ramp of Batman's Bat Cave with Superman, Robin and her favorite superhero, Hawk.

BUT, when she discovered a toy crown and a knight's helmet, she was all about knights and being queen. Little Miss Chick was found perched upon the castle wall, horse back riding and spending time with a certain knight, or two. She completely forgot that she had arrived with other companions! (Not to worry, they were content to play with the others.)

What captured her attention the most, though, was an intense game of chess where she came up against a very formidable (and handsome) knight.

Miss Chicken - Queen for the Day, 4x6in., oil on gessoboard, $50. 

To see photos of Miss Chicken's adventures with her new friends and/or to read about my process as an artist, please visit me at my personal blog: - blog

Miss Chicken is now flying down to Florida to visit Pamela Sweet.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miss Chicken in Scottsdale, Arizona

        MISS CHICKEN and her friends arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona!!  "What are those funny looking plants?" she asked.  "They are cacti, " I replied.  "Some are very, very old.  They store water in their big trunks, and can go months without a drink in the desert and the hot sunshine we have here."  "Wow!!" She exclaimed.  "Cacti are really beautiful.  May I touch one?"  "Better be very careful doing that, "I said.  "Cacti have small and large thorns that can hurt if you touch them. "  "That must be why they get to be so old, " said Miss Chicken.  "Everybody can admire them, but nobody can hurt them."  I thought about that.  Wouldn't it be nice if people could admire our great outdoors, but not hurt it?

Miss Chicken will travel on to her next destination tomorrow.  I will miss her, but know that she has places to go and things to see.  Good-bye Miss Chicken ... and good-bye to her traveling companions too.  Thanks for letting me paint you!

Elle Gould Blog

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Celebrating the Holidays with the Traveling Chicken

The Traveling Chicken and her two friends arrived here in Altadena, California on December 8th, 2012. She and her flock flew in from Texas after spending a fun time with Darla having tea and getting her beautiful portrait painted.

The beautifully wrapped Traveling Chicken Package from sent from Darla

I was so busy getting ready for Christmas and having out of town guests staying with us that I wasn't able to paint Miss T. Chicken's portrait until after the Holidays.

T.C. was thrilled to spend Christmas with us! It was the first one that she could remember. She happily chose a spot on our Christmas tree amongst all the ornaments right next to one of our big red hearts. She loved how bright and shiny it was and spent hours gazing at it. (probably admiring her own reflection)! Miss T. Chicken celebrated the Holidays and was in her element with being an ornament herself!

"The Traveling Chicken with a big Heart", 8 3/4" x 10 1/2" watercolor
by Kathleen Ballard, 2013

After Christmas she watched her first Rose Parade on television and loved seeing all the floats, bands and horses on New Year's Day.

Now she is packing and getting ready for her next adventure flying to Elle's home in Colorado.

It was so much fun having Miss T. Chicken here for the Holidays and painting her portrait!