Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Traveling Chicken & the Peach

On May 16, Miss Chicken and friends arrived in Macon, Georgia for a visit. Upon their arrival they began to sweat under their wings and their feathers became wet and limp.

"OH!! Mr.Blue" said Miss Chicken, "Oh Georgia is so humid I am having a bad feather day! I LOOK LIKE A WET CHICKEN! How in the world can any one stand to live here?" Mrs. White with her chicks beside her saw nothing but promise. She could tell that this was a place where her babies, would have open space to run and play. She thought the South was a wonderful!! Mr. Blue said "Oh!! but the weather is warm and everything is so lusciously green here. I think this is a delightful place and it has great shade trees. Let's relax and rest before we look for food.

"SUDDENLY a HUGE RED BALL FELL to the ground beside them. "SQUAWK!!" said Miss Chicken. "A bomb just fell out of the sky !! I don't like this place!" Mrs. White was in a panic, keeping her babies sheltered by her body, so nervous she froze and shivered. SAVE us Mr. Blue ! Has the sun fallen out of the sky beside us? "I am so scared!" said Mrs. White. Mr. Blue, circles around this red ball inspecting this thing that had almost squashed them. He was on alert, with his chest out as the protector of the group. He smells a sweet aroma coming from it. Suddenly, a river of juice flowed from the bottom where it has landed. 

"Why Mrs.White, I suspect this is not a bomb, but something wonderful to eat. I like this place! Food just falls from the sky!" They began to taste the sweet juice peach and lick their chicken lips with joy. Now they are ready to travel to Oregon so Miss Chicken can get her fluff back.

- Glenda Clance Coleman

Friday, May 10, 2013

Traveling Chickens Visit Vashon Island

The traveling chicken left Toronto Canada and arrived on Vashon Island at the end of April.  The weather almost every day has been sunny and beautiful and the chickens have spent much time on the patio admiring the view of Puget Sound: blue water, tall green trees and occasional sailboats.  There was discussion of whether or not chickens could swim, especially ceramic chickens.   And whether or not it was better to sail on a small boat or to admire the boat from afar without the possibility of mal de mer.

The chickens will soon be on their way to Georgia to visit Glenda Coleman. 

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