Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Finally! The Traveling Chicken & company have arrived in Delaware!

I have been eagerly awaiting my turn since November 2012!  I wanted to let you all know that they have arrived safe and sound from Canada...and await my attention on the shelf.  I won't keep them waiting long!

Oops, and this guy too!

Monday, May 25, 2015

T.C. had a blast in Nova Scotia!

It was very chilly the day T.C. and the gang arrived in Nova Scotia! They were so excited about their visit and wanted to begin exploring right away. T.C noticed activity outside my kitchen window and called the troupe to come join her on the window ledge. She was thrilled to see small yellow birds and thought they might be related since their feathers were the same beautiful yellow color.

Once everyone calmed down, we all sat with a nice hot cup of tea and chatted about their travels thus far. We all hoped the weather would get warmer during their stay so they could explore outdoors. During our chat, I asked T.C. if she would like to model for me in my studio. I told her I had just bought some beautiful smiling pansies and that she would look wonderful with them. She squealed at the idea and couldn't wait to frolic in the pansies in my studio. She thought it would be a bit like playing hide and seek.

T.C. was a perfect studio model. I must say she was much more cooperative than my pansies as they liked to change position over time. T.C. kept her pose and was very patient about the whole process.

T.C. Explores! 4x4in. Oil on linen/board. Reserved

After T.C.'s long studio session, everyone was anxious to explore the great outdoors! The weather had turned warmer during their stay and they all wanted to dash about before they began their long journey to Delaware in the United States.

Once again, T.C. spotted the color yellow and loved posing with her pals alongside the freshly bloomed dandelions. It was fun to watch them have a little group meeting, where they joked and laughed about all their escapades so far.

Before, I knew it they had made a mad dash over to my flower gardens. They all loved the cute little pansy faces and thought they looked charming nestled around them.

Our time passed too quickly! T.C. and her friends were very entertaining and kept me on my toes. At last it was time to say our good-byes. Safe travels T.C. and friends! Can't wait to read all about your future adventures.

Special thanks to Pandalana for taking over the administrative duties of this project. It is a fun way for artists all over the world to connect!

I would love to connect with you on Facebook ! Feel free to visit my online shop.  My T.C. painting is now being Reserved for a client who would like to see her. Thanks!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


No, you are not seeing double - Ms Chick has a sister!  And she has agreed to help out if ever needed!
She is looking forward to seeing Ms Chick when she returns to the states, and has been following her travels.


Little Sister has been worried about Ms Chick at times.  It is such a big world out there and travel can be a bit dangerous.  You may have read this entry where she was smashed at a party:

Or where she was a fugitive:

After the last mishap she decided to contact me to see if she could help; even if all she did was offer moral support.  She said she would hate to see this journey end; as so many are wanting to be part of the story.

Please stop by this wonderful Etsy shop: CAT BEAR EXPRESS and say hi and fav and shop if you think Ms Chick's sister is just the cutest ever.  This shop makes custom clay miniatures!  And, this is where Little Sister was born.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

TC Arrives With Her Entourage in Nova Scotia!!

Our own yellow bird decided to hop on the ledge to see what all the commotion was about!

The Travelling Chicken was really excited to finally land in Nova Scotia!! Her entourage were giggling with delight when they were set free from their packing. It was a chilly day, so TC and the gang decided to sightsee from my window ledge.

Ms Chicken suddenly became very excited when she spotted these little yellow finches. She began clucking saying their feathers were the same beautiful color as hers. Everyone became quite noisy exclaiming "Yes they are T.C.!!"

While I made a hot pot of tea, my visitors continued to enjoy all the new friends that were coming to visit our bird feeders. Over tea, I asked T.C. if she would like to pose for me in my studio later. I told her I had bought some beautiful pansies to keep her company. She was delighted and really excited to see my studio! It is so much fun having all the gang here for a few days!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The little chicken arrived bringing the most beautiful weather - 30 Celsius which is pure heaven in Fahrenheit. There was an awkward moment when she met Mully and I am not sure who was more surprised, but they soon became bet buds.
She enjoyed the week and took time to see my solo show.

Since the weekend was so beautiful and she wanted to spend mother’s day with us we selfishly kept her on and started the morning with brunch on the balcony. (If you lay eggs aren't you automatically
a mother even if they don't hatch?)
We had a little tour, she was too tired to get out of the car but she still enjoyed the sights. First stop was the Orange Julep.  
When I was young opening day at the Julep marked the first day of summer. In those days girls on roller skates served you.
Saint Joseph's Oratory was next but she didn't feel like doing all the steps. I don't want to mention it but she didn't offer to pay for parking either.  
She was quite patient when I ran into the grocery to buy the ingredients for Tom Yum soup.  (if anyone wants the recipe just email me).  She is all packed up and off to Nova Scotia which I am sure she will enjoy immensely.  Unfortunately she took the good weather with her.  Here is a little painting that she posed for: S. Charto
S. Charto - Mully and the chicken
I want to send a thank you to Pandalana for organizing this blog. What a great idea to connect artist's all over the world with a simple little ceramic creature.

Suzy Charto