Monday, November 4, 2013

Ms Chick and her company in Greece!

oil on canvas
10" x 12" (25 x 30 cm)
When Ms Chick and her company came here I didn't believed it.  All the family gathered around the box to welcome her.  My cat, Merlin, didn't want to show it but he was sooo jealous of the attention we were showing to them.  He became more jealous in time when we started going around with her and Mr. Rooster and her friend.  Ms Chick seemed to have a lot of fun but her Rooster didn't stop talking even for a minute. That was a problem, especially during the night or very early in the morning.  Ms Chick was happy to find out that I am a vegan and she was not in danger here, at least with me. 
This painting is from a rest we took after a big walk. They are all discussing their experience here on a wooden seat at the city park of Katerini.  We took a lot of photos but it seemed to most of us that the above was the best one.
Below they are posing near a small lake by the bridge.  
We are so sad now that Ms Chick and her company are going to leave for the Netherlands.  But they will go on to an other adventure and keep traveling all around the world.  I am so jealous!...  Thanks for the visit Ms Chick and come back any time. :)