Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I sat down with TC last night and we had a long talk. She said she considered retiring and that she knows she is becoming a bit fragile. But in her heart, she needed to continue to visit artists. She just LOVES having her portrait done! I told her I feared her breaking but she told me it was ok, that even if that did happen, she would live on as a celebrity. I realized then she was right. But I told her if ever she decided to retire, that my door was always open!

This morning when I was at the bus stop waiting I noticed someone had left an inspirational rock. It was placed there by an anonymous person with a message to spread. When I saw it, I smiled, and I thought about my conversation with TC. Her photo here with the rock really explains this little chick, I think.

I packaged the crew up, in bubble wrap, and placed them in their traveling box. Off to the post office today, and they are on their way to the next artist.

I did promise TC I would finish her portrait in the Coleus plant. When it's done I will post it.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Hmmmm, so I walk into my studio this evening & I find TC and Señor reading the AARP bulletin. I think there's something going on here.........

....... to be continued.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A visit with an old friend

Back in April of 2012, I was visited by TC - I was only the 3rd artist to participate in the Traveling Chicken blog.

Today, August of 2017 - 5 years later and after many, many artists have been visited, TC has once again arrived at my doorstep. Along with Señor Gato & momma hen and chicks! They were so happy to pop out of their travel container & stretch! Straight out onto the lawn they went & under the Hydrangea bush of my neighbor! Oh boy, I had to quick head over to gather them up!

Next they found their way into my flower boxes. Oh how TC loves flowers, the brighter the color the better! I love to plant in containers and have quite a few scattered around. I think both Señor Azul and TC must have inspected every single one!

One of TC's favorite is my Coleus plant - she just loved all the colors in the leaves.

Senor Azul was fond of the salmon color impatients.

Suddenly momma hen started clucking rather loudly & Señor Azul & TC quickly ran to her side to see what was wrong. "Nothing wrong" she clucked, "I've made a couple of new friends here, the Turtle twins!

The chatter rose quickly as they introduced themselves to each other. And there was much ado about flowers, and plants, and gardening. After a bit, the chicks joined me indoors. It was then that TC asked if I would paint her again, only different than the last time, this time she wanted something special. I asked why special, she only clucked and smiled at me. "Ok, ok, keep your little secret -- for now," I said.

"All in due time" TC replied, then scampered off to talk with my parakeet "Blue."