Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gone By All Too Fast

After two years of waiting for Little Ms. Chicken, she finally arrived. We had a wonderful week, going for walks amongst the blossoms of cherry, peach, apricot and apples.  No trip to this area is complete without a wine tasting, and so we enjoyed the fermented fruits of the region. That's when Little Chicken ask to be painted in the studio. We had much fun, and she was quite surprised (as you can see from her wide eyed expression) how the wine went to her head! A good time was had by all the gang, and they look forward to their next adventure as they get underway on Monday. Safe travels, Traveling Chicken, and may you continue to bring the world together through art. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF MY ART

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


After hearing they missed the blooming of the fruit trees in British Columbia, the gang had a fit to go back before continuing across Canada.  Julie Mai was happy to host our little world travelers for this wonderful time of year!

It is a beautiful day!  The sun is shining!  And, everyone is basking in the warmth and the lovely scent of the fruit tree blossoms.

Beginning in April, the arrival of millions of breathtaking Fruit Tree blossoms in British Columbia marks the beginning of another season of the world famous tree fruit.  The orchards come alive with a kaleidoscope of colours and the sweet fragrance of spring

Vancouver is in the thick of their annual Cherry Blossom Festival!  Taken from their website:

"The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival story is one of romance. It is an annual celebration that marks the reawakening in our community of all that makes us alive and human. We smile at one another. We take our lunches under the spreading blossoms. We spend the warming nights beneath illuminated clouds of flowers. We celebrate as men and women have celebrated since time immemorial with poetry, music, dance, good food and drink, laughter, and love."