Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pioneering Chicken

8x6 oil on canvas
Available via DPW auction

The traveling chicken and her entourage arrived safely in Fort Madison, IA on April 24th.  A photo op on the banks of the Mississippi was in order. It was too windy to get close to the water so a safe place on a flat rock worked well for their portrait.
Their arrival came just in time for spring flowers and all the pretty magnolias and tulips in bloom(they preferred the dandelions).

A tour of the old fort, or rather a tour of the old fort chicken coup, was a must do on any chicken’s bucket list. 
They found a nice place in the recess of the Old Fort that sheltered them from the wind. With a little Photo-shopping they got a nice photo to remind them of the great time they had on their historic visit. 

Thanks to Nan Johnson for keeping this going.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chicky Pow-wow

I had the privilege of hosting The Traveling Chicken here in Indiana for a portrait sitting.  While Ms. Chicken was visiting, she and SeƱor Gallo spent time collaborating with some other notables.  I wonder what all the discussion was about?  Maybe they were expounding on the role of the chicken in an Easter tradition...

"Chicky Pow-wow"     10" x 8"     Oil on Raymar Panel
Available via DPW Auction - click here
...or just maybe, they were joyfully sharing the real Good News.
Happy Easter!