Thursday, October 9, 2014

Please Welcome the New Administrator

 I was happy to be the new administrator after Nan stepped down. However, as soon as I took over, events started to happen.....exhibitions, gallery representation both online and real. I am also off to France for a short painting holiday with a friend.
Luckily Pandalana Williams offered to help and I am so grateful .She has been the new administrator for the last few weeks, I just have not had time to update you all.

She has been very patient and has gotten things rolling with plenty of likes on the Facebook page, and all the other tasks that administrators do.

I will definitely be watching TC's progress across the world. Good luck to all those artists on the list and many happy hours of painting to you all.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Traveling Chicken visits the Mall, London

I am happy I took on this challenge! You never know what comes out of new challenges!

I loved the idea when informed by Azra, so why not!

Since I really love painting outdoors, and I love urban landscapes, I decided to take the chicken on one of my plein air trips.

I decided to take it to the Mall in London!

The Traveling Chicken, In Glorious Morning Light at the Mall. 18" x 12", Oil on board-Adebanji Alade.
If interested in purchasing this painting, please click HERE

I put it right on top of one of those statue platforms and before it could escape, I added some super glue to keep it still.

While I put it there, a lovely light shone in perfect harmony form the sky, welcoming the Chicken in glorious morning light!

I couldn't wait, a painted as fast as a pig eats and captured the fleeting light in such a hazy mood!

I less than an hour I managed to catch the light and the chicken was safely tucked back in the box, ready to be sent to the next destination.

Sorry for staying a bit too long with it!

I just loved it!

PS-I'm only kidding.....this was all painted indoors