Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Traveling Chicken visits the Mall, London

I am happy I took on this challenge! You never know what comes out of new challenges!

I loved the idea when informed by Azra, so why not!

Since I really love painting outdoors, and I love urban landscapes, I decided to take the chicken on one of my plein air trips.

I decided to take it to the Mall in London!

The Traveling Chicken, In Glorious Morning Light at the Mall. 18" x 12", Oil on board-Adebanji Alade.
If interested in purchasing this painting, please click HERE

I put it right on top of one of those statue platforms and before it could escape, I added some super glue to keep it still.

While I put it there, a lovely light shone in perfect harmony form the sky, welcoming the Chicken in glorious morning light!

I couldn't wait, a painted as fast as a pig eats and captured the fleeting light in such a hazy mood!

I less than an hour I managed to catch the light and the chicken was safely tucked back in the box, ready to be sent to the next destination.

Sorry for staying a bit too long with it!

I just loved it!

PS-I'm only kidding.....this was all painted indoors