Friday, May 26, 2017


Poor TC....she is just a little bit worn for wear.

TC has been on semi-retirement; even going on a brief cruise, she just can't get traveling out of her feathers.  She is on her way to visit another artist friend in Canada.  And, even though she is on this trip; her travels will be ending soon.

Constant travel can be a bit weary on the soul; and taxing on the body and feathers.

From all of her travels, TC has become very fragile; and now has a fracture running through her entire little body.  She has seen numerous specialist; and has been told there is nothing that can be done for her.

Senor Azule (who we all know from previous posts) has a very strong crush (ahem; excuse me - admiration) and is very protective of her.  He has insisted that she retire and that he will carry on the Traveling Chicken torch in her honor.  "If anything should ever happen to you mi amor", I overheard him tell her, "I would fall to pieces!"  But the gypsy in her; could not stand another moment of confinement; and the two of them fled into the night without even letting me know - except for a brief note.  The only thing she had scratched was "don't worry, we all know that life is fragile"; and an address of their destination.

I am sure that TC will be sharing her bucket list with us; and is hoping we can all help her out with completing it.

For now, know that her travels will be limited; and that Senor Azule will be taking the helm.

We love you TC.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Grand Adventure with Julie Kirkland in Colorado!

Señor Azule, Ms. Chick, Mama Chick and her brood were feeling the need for a tropical vacation; and decided that a trip to Cancun would be just the thing to warm their cold feet and beaks. One day, as they were taking a dip in the Gulf of Mexico, they made the acquaintance of Margarita the Whale. Margarita was making her daily round trip swim from Cuba (she worked out each day to maintain her girlish figure). As they shared stories of their travels, Margarita mentioned that she often swam from the Gulf of Mexico and up the Rio Grande to visit the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. “A river from Colorado to the Gulf!” exclaimed Señor Azul. The chickens, having never seen the Rocky Mountains, all agreed that they would love to travel there someday. Margarita, being as adventurous as the chickens themselves, offered to take them on the trip that morning. So the chickens hopped on her back and away they went!

As she swam, Margarita explained that the Rio Grande is formed by the joining of several streams in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, just east of the Continental Divide. From there, it flows through the San Luis Valley, then south into the Middle Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico, passing through the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos. The river then continues south through the desert cities of Albuquerque, and Las Cruces to El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. The Rio Grande ends in a small, sandy delta at the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, the river forms part of the Mexico-United States border. Its total length is almost 2000 miles. Needless to say, the chicks often grew restless and Mama Chicken would swim alongside Margarita to allow the chicks to burn off some energy.

Once they reached Colorado and The Rockies, Ms. Chick was astounded by the red rock formations and the height of the mountains. Margarita explained that, hundreds of years ago, the mountains were once entirely covered by oceans. She described many of the fossils that had been found proving this and also told them that dinosaurs had once roamed there as well. She even stopped to show them many of the dinosaur tracks embedded in the rocks.

Before heading off to the next artist in Canada; the little troupe decided to have one more trip to the warm sunny beaches of Cancun. While the trip into the Rockies had taken quite awhile (Margarita had been swimming upstream) the return trip went quickly since they simply shot the white water rapids back. Lying on the beach later that day, they all toasted their adventure with a pitcher of margaritas (their friend’s namesake) and agreed that perhaps they should venture below the equator someday.