Friday, May 26, 2017


Poor TC....she is just a little bit worn for wear.

TC has been on semi-retirement; even going on a brief cruise, she just can't get traveling out of her feathers.  She is on her way to visit another artist friend in Canada.  And, even though she is on this trip; her travels will be ending soon.

Constant travel can be a bit weary on the soul; and taxing on the body and feathers.

From all of her travels, TC has become very fragile; and now has a fracture running through her entire little body.  She has seen numerous specialist; and has been told there is nothing that can be done for her.

Senor Azule (who we all know from previous posts) has a very strong crush (ahem; excuse me - admiration) and is very protective of her.  He has insisted that she retire and that he will carry on the Traveling Chicken torch in her honor.  "If anything should ever happen to you mi amor", I overheard him tell her, "I would fall to pieces!"  But the gypsy in her; could not stand another moment of confinement; and the two of them fled into the night without even letting me know - except for a brief note.  The only thing she had scratched was "don't worry, we all know that life is fragile"; and an address of their destination.

I am sure that TC will be sharing her bucket list with us; and is hoping we can all help her out with completing it.

For now, know that her travels will be limited; and that Senor Azule will be taking the helm.

We love you TC.


  1. Sorry to hear of your early retirement. I will always cherish our day together.

    1. Sandy Sandy! That is an awesome painting :)
      Why is it not on the blog? Send me the image so I can add it the blog and facebook, please :D

  2. As one of the "original" participants in the Traveling Chicken, take the time to go back to the May of 2012 posts that I made. Ms. Chicken, her traveling twin, Mr. Gallo Azul......there's quite a story there. I'm sorry to hear that Ms. Chicken II is now cracked. Perhaps there's someone out there that has a real talent with glue?.......Fun that she's still on the road.

  3. Poor TC. I would love for her to come to my home, to retire. I LOVE her.

  4. I must admit, I'm a little jealous of TC's whale ride up the Rio Grande. She is quite the celebrity, doing exactly what she wants while keeping a low profile in the "autumn years" of her life. TC, please do keep in touch! I'll miss your bright little online presence.