Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Traveling Chicken in North Carolina

The Traveling Chicken and friends visited with us for a few days. They seemed to be exhausted from their travels, and just wanted to sun with our crew here at Holland Creek Farm. We got out the water misters and they had a swell time playing in the water.  They really enjoyed the weather; and sunned themselves afterwards.

They took a ride with us for an excursion about town, unfortunately the camera wasn't working. Some of the friends posed for Judy while she drew them and then painted their portraits.  She used those to make a textile picture that turned out pretty cool and will eventually go on a handmade bag that will appropriately be called
"The Traveling Chicken bag".

We hate to see the friends leave and Fred, Faith and all our other friends will miss them.
Safe journeying.

Judy Holland

The Traveling Chicken comes to North Carolina

The Traveling Chicken troupe has arrived at my house. They were greeted by our welcoming committee, Fred the Turkey and Faith the Chicken. Hopefully we will have some fun escapades to share of their visit to North Carolina.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Bit of a Ruckus with Paul Quie in Stillwater Minnesota USA

Well the chicken arrived in time for Easter and they all found a new favorite friend in my house, here in Minnesota:

(manipulated photo exposure)

They were so happy to meet their new adopted mom, they all danced around; as I was busy with a couple of their friends:

(digital drawing)

In a strange sort of way, they reminded me of laurel and Hardy.

However, one of these traveling companions got in an argument with my cow.  I am not sure to the details of how it all began; but it was quiet a ruckus - a misunderstanding I am quiet sure.  Cows are roosters are usually great friends; even in China:

But, before you knew it, that cow was mooing up a storm; and said it was time for those feathery friends to go.  

Alas, I will miss them; as they are on their way to their next adventure.