Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Bit of a Ruckus with Paul Quie in Stillwater Minnesota USA

Well the chicken arrived in time for Easter and they all found a new favorite friend in my house, here in Minnesota:

(manipulated photo exposure)

They were so happy to meet their new adopted mom, they all danced around; as I was busy with a couple of their friends:

(digital drawing)

In a strange sort of way, they reminded me of laurel and Hardy.

However, one of these traveling companions got in an argument with my cow.  I am not sure to the details of how it all began; but it was quiet a ruckus - a misunderstanding I am quiet sure.  Cows are roosters are usually great friends; even in China:

But, before you knew it, that cow was mooing up a storm; and said it was time for those feathery friends to go.  

Alas, I will miss them; as they are on their way to their next adventure.

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  1. Well done! Sorry about the misunderstanding with you cow. I hope they all worked it out before parting. Your painting of the moment is priceless!