Sunday, December 27, 2015

TC on Holiday Vacation with Lyn Evans

TC supervising wrapping presents and trying to persuade Lyn to cook vegetarian for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Ms. Chick and company have survived the flood and are safe, warm and finally relaxing a bit; before continuing their travels.  Here is an update from Lyn:

TC decided that she wasn’t interested in just looking at the tree, she wanted to be IN the tree so here she is.

She had a good time in there as you can see.
She and Bill, one of my cats, have struck up quite a friendship and here they are chatting about what they are going to do tomorrow.
She refuses to help in the trapping of mice and spends hours trying to explain to him that killing birds is just plain…WRONG !
We are hoping to bring home a new puppy on Sunday so there is a certain amount of discussion between, TC and the cats as to just how they are going to handle this.
Well, I hope.
Lyn. x

Monday, December 7, 2015

Poor Ms. Chick and Company - TRAPPED!

The gang is on holiday with Lyn Evans from Scotland.  She thought it would be nice to take them with her; and was so excited to show them around.
Look what has happened whilst visiting Crumbia!  They are all trapped in Cumbria England from Storm Desmond!!! 

The bridge home for Lyn is closed and there are 40 severe storm warnings in place for the Lancaster/Crumbia area as well as Lyn's home in Scotland.

Click on the link below for BBC

Oh my gosh!  Let's keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers!

I think the gang is going to need a bit more vacation time in the UK after this ordeal to dry out.

Here are some weather pics from Lyn:

This is/was a local restaurant:

I or Lyn will keep you posted as more is available.