Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chicken in a Basket

Chicken in a basket
15 x 15 cm oil on canvas board, painted Alla prima from life

TC and her entourage arrived safely for their visit with me in North Wales. Her visit was well timed, the heat wave was still going strong and our garden was in full bloom.
I took Ms Chicken & friends for a tour of the veggie patch to show them all the fruit and veg my Dad grows and I paint. Whilst admiring the strawberries Ms Chicken noticed all the straw around them and asked if Dad could spare some, of course I said he could and told her I have the perfect thing to put it in. I grabbed a hand full.
Back in my studio amongst my hoard of still life props I had this little basket that I usually paint full of cherries, it was a perfect fit for TC to sit in for the rest of her stay.

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Friday, July 19, 2013


I was awestruck to be chosen as a roosting place for Ms Chicken and entourage on her world travels. To read more about the adventures of the traveling chicken click here. She´s a very busy lady having visited many countries and exciting places and she could be coming your way soon.


Ms Chicken is on her summer holidays and she has quite a busy itinerary which she booked through Tray Cook back in the USA. After her fleeting visit to France Ms Chicken arrived in the UK with her ever growing entourage, having made a swift pass through the Chunnel and on to Dorset and the Jurassic Coast by express bus.

Ms Chicken had heard much about the amazing white cliffs, fossils, smugglers` Inns and lighthouses, but what she really wanted to do is grab her tiny bucket and spade and head for the beach at Sandbanks to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Her entourage were a bit jet lagged and they decided to take a day of rest.

After a terribly cold and wet winter and spring, Ms Chicken had arrived in the middle of a heat wave and all the millionaires were sipping cocktails on their ocean terraces. There wasn´t a soul on the beach which was baking hot. Nevertheless, she enjoyed a paddle in the cool water and then lay down to rest in the dunes. The waves were gently lapping the sand and she must have nodded off. When she awoke she was shocked to see that all her white speckles had turned quite pink. Oh dear perhaps she should have worn sunscreen!

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6" x 8" on Windpower
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Cat 13177 Ms Chicken goes to the beach

Saturday, July 6, 2013

On the plane again!

Last hours in France for the "poulette"... She was happy to spend a few days in a country where even princesses are eating snails and which emblem is a cock. But she can't stay long in the same place! She wants to see the word!
The cock will be happy to leave a place where Madame have met a new and too close friend. He has clearly heard her tell him that he wasn't romantic enough and something like he wasn't looking at her the same way as before and that he hasn't even noticed she has changed her color... 

"Messes basses"
Oil on canvas 18x24cm

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