Saturday, July 6, 2013

On the plane again!

Last hours in France for the "poulette"... She was happy to spend a few days in a country where even princesses are eating snails and which emblem is a cock. But she can't stay long in the same place! She wants to see the word!
The cock will be happy to leave a place where Madame have met a new and too close friend. He has clearly heard her tell him that he wasn't romantic enough and something like he wasn't looking at her the same way as before and that he hasn't even noticed she has changed her color... 

"Messes basses"
Oil on canvas 18x24cm

You can visit blog or the facebook page of her hostess to see her recent canvas;  RaphaĆ«le Goineau 
and, or the web site for the archives;
You're welcome!


  1. Hello Raphaele:) I'm sure she had a wonderful time in Europe! Your painting is wonderful and I loved your story:)

  2. Love this piece - that blue is gorgeous! Ms. Chick makes many friends. This one seems to have an eye on her! Nice work Raphaele

  3. Absolutely charming! I love the painting and the story!

  4. Wonderful job! Glad she had fun being ogled by a Frenchman.

  5. Love this graphic, rich-color design! I'm just back from France myself and can relate to Madame Poulette - even ate a few snails, too! Great painting. ♥