Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chicken in a Basket

Chicken in a basket
15 x 15 cm oil on canvas board, painted Alla prima from life

TC and her entourage arrived safely for their visit with me in North Wales. Her visit was well timed, the heat wave was still going strong and our garden was in full bloom.
I took Ms Chicken & friends for a tour of the veggie patch to show them all the fruit and veg my Dad grows and I paint. Whilst admiring the strawberries Ms Chicken noticed all the straw around them and asked if Dad could spare some, of course I said he could and told her I have the perfect thing to put it in. I grabbed a hand full.
Back in my studio amongst my hoard of still life props I had this little basket that I usually paint full of cherries, it was a perfect fit for TC to sit in for the rest of her stay.

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  1. Jane - I love the painting & the story! Wonderful work in this! Love it!

  2. She looks smashing in that little basket!

  3. I love the incredible adventures Miss Chicken is having. Everyone is so darn creative!! Another darling painting and another wonderful story. Thanks for participating!!

  4. I'm glad to see miss TC had a nice relaxing break - jet-lag can get to a chick real quick! It's a beautiful, graphically-pleasing arrangement. Well done! ♥

  5. Hello Jane:) She looks so cute in that basket. I'm sure she had a wonderful time:)>3

  6. Thanks for all the great comments :)