Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tea for T. C. and her Peeps

Something was wrong, but I didn't know what it might be.  Everything was set!  I had arranged it all just the way T. C. had mentioned it to my neighbor with her cute accent.  I had overheard them talking over the fence. The Traveling Chicken had said she wanted friends with large ears, (check), a porcelain tea cup with saucer, (check), flowers, (check), steaming hot tea, (check), a beautiful view of the garden, (check), and additional friends that could speak in her native tongue (which is peep), (check).  I am sure that is exactly what I heard.

But I could tell The Traveling Chicken was upset.

Finally, I asked her,  "What is wrong, T. C.?"

With downcast eyes, she sighed,  "Well, since I was in Florida, I was telling your neighbor that I wanted to go to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Disney World.  They serve high tea there, overlooking the gardens.  Mickey Mouse lives close by and I was hoping to talk with him as I have heard he is fluent in Peep."

"Oh, Miss Chicken, I am so sorry I didn't just ask you what you wanted instead of trying to surprise  you."  I replied.  "It's too late to go now, because tomorrow you fly to New York to see Brande Amo."

Miss Chicken thought for a while and then said,  "That's OK.  You tried very hard to please me, so I am going to enjoy the Florida sunshine streaming into the studio, look at the garden view, enjoy my flowered porcelain cup and saucer with it's steaming tea, and talk peep with my new friends until it is time to go to New York."

Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Day

On the morning Miss Chicken was to catch her flight to Pamela's studio in Florida, I just had to take her out in the snow. I felt her visit would be incomplete without the experience.

The morning was crisp and bright, the snow fresh and sparkling. After trying several places to roost, she discovered a group of branches on a hydrangea bush - right beside some dried blooms that have hung on since the fall.

Miss Chicken - Snow Day, 4x6in., oil on gessoboard

The snow fell softly as she sat and gazed at the exquisite scene the snow was creating around her.

I daresay, she did not want to come back inside. But alas, she had a flight to catch.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Queen for the Day

Coming from her recent travels in Texas, California and Arizona, Miss Chicken was not sure what to make of the cold and the snow when she arrived at my studio in Chicagoland.

Let's just say she was drawn to indoor activities.

Her petite frame fit perfectly within the 'set-ups' my two sons create with their star wars figures, superheroes, legos, toy creatures, etc. The boys eagerly included her in their fun (safety precautions were put in place - a cushy carpeted floor - to avoid any mishaps).

Alongside Obi Wan Kenobi, Batman & Robin, Miss Chicken fought in battles against ninjas, Cad Bane, droidica and the like. She reveled in the adventures of hang gliding and rock repelling (Don't ask me how!) She squealed with delight as she slid down the ramp of Batman's Bat Cave with Superman, Robin and her favorite superhero, Hawk.

BUT, when she discovered a toy crown and a knight's helmet, she was all about knights and being queen. Little Miss Chick was found perched upon the castle wall, horse back riding and spending time with a certain knight, or two. She completely forgot that she had arrived with other companions! (Not to worry, they were content to play with the others.)

What captured her attention the most, though, was an intense game of chess where she came up against a very formidable (and handsome) knight.

Miss Chicken - Queen for the Day, 4x6in., oil on gessoboard, $50. 

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Miss Chicken is now flying down to Florida to visit Pamela Sweet.