Tuesday, July 17, 2018

On the road again in British Columbia, Canada

The Art Critics - 8x8 - Oil on Canvas

As I mentioned before I had to go on a plein-air trip into the interior of British Columbia and I knew TC and Gang would enjoy a road trip as they usually travel by air and in confined spaces (a box!). This time they enjoyed seeing the Canadian landscape and of course got to pose for some of my fellow painters. When we came back from the trip, I was looking at all the paintings I had done during the trip and they were helping me figure out which ones needed some adjustments. Now that I took the photo of the painting and look at it again, it looks as if the clouds are coming out of SeƱor Gallo's mouth! We know now who had the  most to say! I will be forever grateful TC and Gang for your help!! Till the next time!

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Excited to go through the mountains!

I think they were a touch bored at this point....

Back on the ocean

They even got to go on BC Ferries to get to Vancouver Island

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Welcome back to Victoria BC!

TC and the Gang in Front of "Spring Glory" - 9x12 - Oil on Canvas

Well, it was a happy reunion when Tc and gang arrived back in Victoria, BC! They had visited a few years ago and we had had a blast in my studio reading books and chatting about travel. My name is Marcela Strasdas, I love to paint local scenes, our gorgeous BC coastline and the many flowers and gardens we have in this city. My medium is primarily oil at present.  My special guests came to Victoria at at the tail end of cherry blossom season and as I had painted a few of them, they really enjoyed parading around in front of my paintings. They said they felt like they were walking around the neighbourhood! 
At the time, I was doing a one-month-long artist residency at the Coast Hotel in downtown Victoria so I brought them with me with the idea of painting them while there but unfortunately, I never got to it. They did enjoy meeting people from all over the world and pose for photos in front of my paintings!

TC and Gang in front of "Whiteout Conditions"
12x12 - Oil on Cradled Panel

TC & Gang in front of  "Rows of Joy"6x8 - Oil on Cradled Panel

They were surprised to see I had moved and didn't live next to the beautiful forest they had seen before behind my house so of course, they explored the house and the yard and told me all about their travels in the last couple of years. Wow, these chicks get around!!

Blah-blah-blah-blah while I make dinner!

As if they didn't travel enough I took them with me to a Plein-Air Paint out in the interior of BC which I will share int he next post! Thanks for reading!!

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