Friday, March 13, 2015

Tired but Posing for Some Sketches in Victoria, BC, Canada

Fun Sketch & Blind Contour Drawing of TC and Company as soon as they arrived

"Where is the Snow????"

I am very excited to share with you that TC and Co. are visiting us in Victoria, BC this week. I had put my name down a couple of years ago I think to host and paint TC, The Traveling Chicken and was very happy when I got the email saying they were on their way up North.  They were thrilled to get here after being due to snow storms in the US (the itinerary was North Carolina, Florida, Toronto, Vancouver and finally Victoria) They were relieved  to be able get out of the box and stretch a bit after such a long trip.

Now, they confessed they were a bit nervous about coming to Canada in the wintertime, after all, Canada IS ice and snow right? Well.... Were they surprised or what??!?!?  All they kept asking as they looked out my kitchen window was: "Where is the snow??????" I shared with them that they have actually come to the "tropics" of Canada. We ARE on a "small island in the Pacific" after all. True. Vancouver Island in the Pacific North West. We haven't had any snow here this year, snowdrops are long gone, daffodils are up and there are flowers everywhere! I think they like it here! 

They posed  for me for a short while so I could just do a quick sketch and blind contour drawings.   They promised to pose longer at some point this week. More to come!

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  1. Love your sketches and the colors are perfect, too. So sorry they missed the snow and ice this winter!