Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Travel Plans

"Travel Plans - Oil on Birch Panel - 8x10
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Wow, we had a blast!! TC and company finally calmed down from the excitement of being here in Victoria, BC and posed for me for a couple of hours. They were delighted to find on my coffee table a couple of books on Traveling Destinations and Must-See places. They spent the entire time hanging out on a pile of some of my favourite art and travel books in my studio planning their next escapades (I didn't have the heart to tell them it was all already planned out for them!). All in all we spent a wonderful week, telling stories of travels, art and painting and it was all music to my ears as traveling is one of my passions. I LOVE to discover new places and cultures and can't wait to go on another adventure.
It was quite the teary event yesterday when I put them back in the box and sent them off to their next destination: Saskatchewan! (one of Canada's provinces, the third one from the left). I did check the weather forecast for them in SK and it shouldn't be too bad (It can be very cold there!)! Have fun with them Christine, the next artist to host them :)
Not sure if the painting is finished yet, but I had had enough of it that day! I may go back in and redefine some lines, what do you think? Is it finished to you? Comments and suggestions always welcome!  Art by Marcela Strasdas

Till the Next Time TC and Company! Happy Travels!

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  1. This is really awesome! The composition is FUN! The colorful stack of books and the friendly "toppings" create an awesome balance of color and shape.

    1. Thank you Susan! I had a lot of fun with them, was a bit worried the comp was too busy but I am glad to hear that is what you like! Thank you for the comment :)

  2. Nice job, I love them all stacked up and leaving as informed as they should be!

    1. Thank you Gloria, we had wonderful discussions about art and traveling, our hared passions, as I painted them :)