Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chicago to Quebec, Part VI

Post From Ann Feldman, Chicago:

Here's the latest on the traveling Troop of Chickens:  They arrived here in Chicago a few weeks ago from Jill's house.  The Little Yellow Chicken (or Le Petite Poulet as she is known in Quebec) accompanied me to Quebec City and Montreal for a week of sightseeing and listening to jazz at the International Jazz Festival.  Her feathers were a bit ruffled after she got re-routed to Newark for one night when the suitcase she was tucked into went to Quebec via the scenic route!  I tried to explain to her that it was for her own good that she spent the night in a sturdy shoe.  

But all was very well after she was placed into many beautiful flower boxes for her portrait.  She even managed to be captured in a couple of toy store windows and restaurant table setups.  As her temporary host mom, I've been busy painting away, finishing up these little paintings now that we're home.  

This is a painting of our dear chicken in a Quebec flower box.  Doesn't she look happy there?  She is a wonderful travel companion, and she picks up new languages quite easily-- "Le Clucque" is her favorite new phrase!

And now she is with Karen Stitt in California.  Looking forward to hearing how she's doing!