Wednesday, October 28, 2015

TC and the Gang visit me for my birthday!

I was just off for a week long visit to Wales when TC and the gang showed up. So, I did the only right thing to do, I took them along with me! There was just enough room in my suitcase for all four.

Here they have arrived all safe and sound.

While we were there we took lots of walks in the countryside and Ms. Chick even found some Welsh cousins of hers!
Here he is all bandaged up.
Later we all (minus Senor Gallo Rozzo) celebrated my birthday with a homemade cake made by my sweet husband. I had them all pose for it whilst I quickly painted it!

Bon Anniversaire with TC and the Gang
Oil on board
6 x 6 in (15 x 15 cm)

*UPDATE Senor Gallo Rozzo is back to his old self (just nursing his hurt pride).

Safe travels to my brood!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Ms. Chick got a bit homesick, and went rouge again and has found herself in the UK!  Luckily, a wonderful artist Paula Howson-Green lives in beautiful 
Bournemouth!  The gang is so excited to be there, they have decided to go on a short holiday.  Can you blame them?  Just look at the beautiful beaches there!

Ms. Chick has forwarded Paula her location and the gang will be with her soon!  I can't wait to see pictures of their visit!