Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chicken and her friends spend a couple of weeks in Royal Berkshire, England

The Travelling chicken and her entourage arrived in the leafy county of Royal Berkshire in mid summer. I spent much time wondering how to depict her, and also convey her stopover in the painting. She sat on my studio windowsill, and I gazed at her and then beyond at the oak tree outside. Inspiration struck and so TC is painted in front of a backdrop of the foliage of an English Oak, we are a stones throw from Windsor Royal Park, and so there are plenty of these stately old trees around. The rooster was not such a compliant model and cheekily hid himself in and out of the leaves, pecking at the acorns.

TC also was fascinated by my real chickens which often come to the studio door, and peck around for grit. She is now en route for Hungary.

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