How It Works

To Join:
Just EMAIL ME or add a comment on the blog asking to be a part. You can also contact one of the artists who have already participated, and they will get you connected. You need to have a website or blog to be added to the list.

The Waiting List:
Is a running list of people who have asked to join in the fun. All new names are added at the bottom of the list -- "next in line" is always the top of the list. All names on this list are linked to the artist's blog or website. Once you have the chicken in your possession, your name is removed from this list.

The Journey list:
Is a list of the artists who have hosted The Traveling Chicken(s) during their travels. All names on this list are linked to the artist's post/story within The Traveling Chicken blog. To ensure future visits to your own blog/website, be sure to have links within your post that do so.

When it is your turn:
You will be contacted by either myself or the artist who currently has the chicken, to make arrangements for shipping. You will receive an "invitation" from The Traveling Chicken blog to be an "author" - which will give you permission to post.

Senor Azule and The Traveling Chicken(s) celebrities will arrive in the mail, at which point you will have approximately 2 weeks (including your hosting time of no more than 5 days) to create a piece of artwork with the chicken in a setting of your choice.  If you have a favorite chicken celebrity such as Senor Azul or others, let me know and I will try to accommodate.

When you receive your guest(s), take a photo and send it to me to post, so that I can update our community.

When finished:
Post a photo of your work and add your chapter to the blog. Write a bit of a story that involves Ms. Chick & enhances her visit with you.  IF YOU HAVE THE PAINTING FOR SALE, PLEASE INCLUDE A LINK AND A LINK BACK TO YOU.  Also, send me copies of the images to add to Facebook and any links or story or info you would like for me to post on Facebook for you.

Contact the first artist on The Waiting List to make arrangements for shipping. Package the chicken(s) up with ample support & cushioning and mail to the next "host." Once you have posted your work & story, your name will be added to The Journey listing on the blog - linked to your post/story. A marker will also be added to the map on the blog, indicating your place in the world.