Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The little chicken arrived bringing the most beautiful weather - 30 Celsius which is pure heaven in Fahrenheit. There was an awkward moment when she met Mully and I am not sure who was more surprised, but they soon became bet buds.
She enjoyed the week and took time to see my solo show.

Since the weekend was so beautiful and she wanted to spend mother’s day with us we selfishly kept her on and started the morning with brunch on the balcony. (If you lay eggs aren't you automatically
a mother even if they don't hatch?)
We had a little tour, she was too tired to get out of the car but she still enjoyed the sights. First stop was the Orange Julep.  
When I was young opening day at the Julep marked the first day of summer. In those days girls on roller skates served you.
Saint Joseph's Oratory was next but she didn't feel like doing all the steps. I don't want to mention it but she didn't offer to pay for parking either.  
She was quite patient when I ran into the grocery to buy the ingredients for Tom Yum soup.  (if anyone wants the recipe just email me).  She is all packed up and off to Nova Scotia which I am sure she will enjoy immensely.  Unfortunately she took the good weather with her.  Here is a little painting that she posed for:

5minutesfromcool.blogspot.ca S. Charto
S. Charto - Mully and the chicken
I want to send a thank you to Pandalana for organizing this blog. What a great idea to connect artist's all over the world with a simple little ceramic creature.

Suzy Charto


  1. I LOVE the looseness of this adorable painting! So happy you enjoyed their visit :)

  2. This is so sweet Suzy! Lovely brushwork!

  3. So much fun, painting and a nice tour, too!