Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chicken Paprika in Hungary!

The Travelling chicken and her company spent a few fabulous days in Hungary.

At first they were a bit concerned because they were told that Hungary is the home of Chicken Paprika,
a national dish, and it is ridicoulus to travel to a country where getting cooked is a real danger for a chicken.

But...they were relieved to know that their host is a vegetarian, so no real danger here.

After a few welcome drinks they even considered to pose with hungarian paprikas for a painting and laughed a lot.

Their official painting is with a grape and the second informal is with a pumpkin.

Here they are, enjoy!

TC & her entourage are now enroute to Greece!

Aniko Makay


  1. This is great. I tried to sign up on the list and nothing worked. How to sign up, even though it won't be for a year or more to get a visit from TC?

    1. Hi Elizabeth - I'm Nan, the webmaster on Traveling Chicken. I can add you to the waiting list if you would like. Please email me direct at and let me know your full name, location (what state or country) and a link to your website or blog.

  2. I'm partly Hungarian in descent and my mother taught me to make really good chicken paprikash (even though she's an English American descendent.) Hope you had fun with the little gal and her entourage!

  3. well done on all parts! just one step closer... ,maybe the tropics

  4. I have been following the travelling chicken and love.your art!