Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Namaste, Little Chicken!

Little Chicken has finally arrived in Hyderabad, India!!! When I asked about her long journey, she seemed to be in no mood to respond. Ah, I realized she was very much JET LAGGED! So I just let her rest on her little Diwan (couch cum bed), kept ready especially for her. She made herself cosy and dozed off…
 Here’s what she’s been doing right now….

Little Miss Chicken is going to have a blast for the next few days with me. Let me give her some time to rest, before she is back to her cheerful self again. Who knows, she may have many pleasant surprises in store …J Wake up soon, little Chicken!

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  1. So glad that TC made the trip safely, and doesn't she look exhausted as she rests!! Hope your visit is pleasant - looking forward to seeing/reading about it!

  2. She is a very spoiled chicken! Flying all over the world and then resting on such a beautiful Diwan. What a lucky duck, er, chicken.