Monday, September 25, 2017

TC amongst the Coleus Leaves with Nan in New Jersey

As promised to TC, I did work on her painting - she wanted colorful she said. 
So, working from one of the snapshots I took while she was enjoying my Coleus plants, 
I did a quick acrylic ink, wash & paint of her. 

I think I will keep this one (not for sale) - framed & hanging in my studio. 
She is such a delight to work with & to entertain!


  1. Looove the color! I know TC loved visiting you and will be back to you very soon.

  2. Hi Nan! I finally got on the list again and am excited to join in. I love what you did! Give Miss chicken my love!! lol!

  3. Hi there Nan! I'm the person that bought your original traveling chicken painting! Plus I haven't parted with my original either. Such a unique experience hosting the explorers.