Thursday, June 29, 2017

TC & Senor Azul have arrived in Ontario

 London Baby!!  And by London, I mean London, Ontario (Canada) 

After a long journey across Canada, TC and Señor Azul arrived late last night.  While a bit tired, they were in good spirits.

Who is TC & Señor Azul? Who am I? Why did I want them to come visit me?

Just in case you don't know, TC (a.k.a Ms. Hen) and Señor Azul are a ceramic Hen and Rooster duo who are on a mission to spread artistic joy around the world.  They travel from artist to artist in order to have their portrait painted and also to meet great new friends. It is such an amazing and unique project that has large community.   Click here to the history of the Travelling Chicken. 

Most of you also may not know me - my name is Kathy MacKay and I am a Canadian artist that lives in London Ontario.  You can learn more about me by clicking here.

One reason I was so excited to be part of the travelling chicken project was so my own Art Mascot, Stuart, could finally meet the famous TC and Señor Azul.  Stuart, a travelling elephant mouse, follows the Travelling Chicken Blog religiously (he gets his tail in a real knot if he misses a post!).  If you want to learn a bit more about Stuart, you can either read my blog post about him or check out his Facebook page.  '

Now that introductions are out of the way, let the latest leg of the journey begin...

After a good night rest, and in true rooster & chicken fashion, TC and Señor Azul were up this morning at the crack of dawn!  They started the day with a delicious breakfast.  Fuelled up and ready to go, our first stop was Westminster Ponds, a nice conservation area in the city.

Next, Ms. Hen and Señor Azul FINALLY met up with Stuart (and a few of Stuart's friends!).  While he was so excited to meet them, Stu was definitely star struck upon first encounter (can you say tongue tied? I've never seen the little guy so quiet).  But TC and Señor Azul were so friendly and so down to down to earth, that Stuart quickly got over his initial fright.  They spent a fun day visiting and even viewed some fantastic art.

Here are the photos we took last night and today.  Hope you enjoy.  We will be sharing more photos as their journey continues!
TC & Senor Azul upon arrival.  They report a good trip. 
As TC and Senor Azul well know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
TC and Senor Azul wanted to go for a little dip at Westminster Ponds.
Ms. Hen sat for a little study for me - to help prepare for her more finished portrait.  

Hanging out on my car!
TC, Stuart, and Senor Azul checking out my art collection (an Elena Katsyura & a Carol Marine - both original!)

From left to right: Red the Squirrel, Stuart, Dr. Duck, Señor Azul, and TC

Seriously?  they needed a mid-day nap?  I can understand why Stuart was so tired - he didn't sleep at all last night because he was excited to meet his favourite travel bloggers.  
Stuart, TC, Senor Azul, and Red - posing for a photo. 


  1. Definitely recognized the Carol Marine in the background. Isn’t she a wonderful painter too! I was one of the original painters of the Chicken and was the one who
    found a new one, via the internet and some wonderful people in London, when Miss Chicken arrived at my house in millions of pieces. She has had a wonderful
    and varied history and it’s so much fun that she’s still on the road.

  2. I just was reading back through traveling chick and friends adventures with you. What a time they all had! I noticed that you have paintings by Carol Marine and Elena Katsyura. So do I! Great taste you have! And lovely painting you did of the intrepid gang too! xx