Monday, May 14, 2012

The Traveling Chicken, Part IV

I'm Nancy Goldman ( and the chicken was sent to me by Jill Polsby.  Apparently The Traveling Chicken demanded some vacation time.  I think The TC thought that because she would be going to Orange County, CA that she would get to go to Disneyland.  No such luck so instead she decided to hang out pool side since it was a beautiful, sunny 80 degree day.  She was a bit afraid when she saw the big, scary-looking black dog in the backyard but soon figured out that as long as she stayed very near the edge of the pool she would be safe because the big black dog is afraid of the pool.  She stayed very still as I painted her portrait.

Vacation time is over and she will be heading to Pasadena to have her portrait painted by Jill.  This chicken is going to think she's pretty important being such a world traveler and having everyone clamoring to paint her likeness.  She IS awfully cute!


  1. Nancy, that was a hoot! I am in Agoura Hills, CA (relatively close to Pasadena). Maybe the traveling chicken could visit me? Let me know! Thanks. ks

  2. Love what you did on this one! Leave it to that little chick to be sitting in the sun, pool side, on vacation!

  3. Wow!! Well done Nancy,this is wonderful!!