Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beautiful Day in Wisconsin

The Traveling Chicken arrived safe and sound in Wisconsin on August 23rd. The trip from Kathleen Williford in Georgia was uneventful as far as I could tell which is good since she got here in one piece with her entourage.

She enjoyed many things in Wisconsin, including trying out some cheddar cheese which she said was the best one she had ever tried! She also went school shopping with us as the kids are finally going back to school next week and I'll be able to get back to painting regularly....

We really had fun with Traveling chicken and I couldn't help but paint her enjoying some sun on our patio on a very sunny and beautiful Sunday in Wisconsin!   I could tell she was mesmerized with the corn fields!

Thank you for visiting with us Traveling Chicken, we hope you have safe travels to Lynne Fearman in California and we can't wait to hear about your next adventures.

 Thank you Azra for starting this fun project and for everyone for including me! Happy Painting!
Karen d'Angeac Mihm


  1. Karen I love Your painting! Great job. The landscape is beautiful.

  2. Love the painting Karen, and your story too. Sounds like TC got a little R&R!

  3. The little chick looks very content there in Wisconsin! Love the painting and it certainly does look like a beautiful blue sky day there! Glad to hear you had a nice visit.:) Wisconsin cheese is the best!!!

  4. Thanks Karla, Nan, and Kathleen for the nice comments. Ms. Chick certainly had a very relaxing time here in Wisconsin, caught up on some much needed sleep from her previous adventures!

  5. What a beautiful landscape Karen. I'm glad you got a visit from Miss TC. She looks like she's enjoying her stay in Wisconsin.

  6. The sky is so blue there! I have a friend who is a Greenbay Packers Fan, and just moved back home there after being a Pasadena girl for 5 years.
    She's so glad to be home again. Yeah, Wisconsin!