Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TC And The Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl was very exciting this year, the Seattle Seahawks won!  
Now 'somebody' just cannot stop talking about it!!

I found TC to be in a very silly mood, making
fun of her friends long legs and all!

Sadly it's time for Ms Chick to travel to her next destination.
They will be dearly missed but we understand and
wish them safe travels!

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  1. Great painting and I love the photos too! Seattle certainly has a lot to "crow" about. Sorry, had to say it. :)

  2. This is great. Love your painting & the photo session too! She was definitely enjoying herself!

    1. Thank you Nan for the emails back and forth and the inspirations... a wonderful experience

  3. Hello CJ:) Lovely painting and beautiful photo's. They are cute aren't they?

  4. CJ - you picked up a dropped ball and ran it in for a TD! It's awesome, love it.
    And congrats on the Seahawks Superbowl win - am a Seattle native and fan - what a game, but that's a whole other post. :)
    Thanks for posting those poses too - I might, with your permission, redeem myself using one of them, whenever the paint mojo returns...
    Blessings and thanks for reviving the legacy of this amazing project. ♥ KB

    1. I really thought about it, I think I like the idea of these all belonging to The Traveling Chicken'. Nan may want to do something with all this someday.

  5. Thank you Karen!! Blessings back to you as well!
    We really aren't sports people, but the whole town was nearly completely shut down, no cars on the streets anywhere, for the game. There were 2 sports bars open if people wanted to go there. I had to use that with the travelers even though there may be quite a lot of sports people not happy with the lopsided game! I enjoyed this and thank you all for your comments!