Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wanted - New Administrator for the Traveling Chicken

So sorry about the long absence on this blog, but it has been difficult to find an artist who is available to paint the chicken. For the past 4 weeks, the chickens have remained packaged as they were sent to me - and are sitting on my dining room table. I have not been successful in finding a new artist.

It has become apparent to me that I no longer have the time to maintain this challenge so I am putting out the request for new administrator.

If anyone thinks they have the time, and would like to take the role of administrator on this, I will be glad to pass the baton. Since the Facebook page is linked to my own page, I may keep it there for the time being. Once there is a new administrator of the blog, I will talk/work with them to migrate the Facebook page as well.

Anyone out there interested in taking on this role? Please comment here or message me. First come, first served basis.

Thank you
Nan Johnson

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nan, I'm sorry to hear that the chickens travels have come to a stop. I would love to take over the role of administrator. I think you have done an amazing job with this blog and keeping the whole thing going, very well done my friend. xxx