Friday, July 10, 2015

TChick in Alaska!

Traveling Chicken's visit 
to the Alaska Panhandle was short but fun.
Her adventures here began on July 3rd! 
Juneau celebrates Independence Day beginning with a fireworks display that starts 12:01am July 4th. 
"Everybody" goes down to the docks or the beaches 
on Douglas Island to see the
(That particular YouTube link is from someone who recorded from Mt Roberts, 
which looms above the city.)

I signed up for TC about a year and a half ago, had to postpone once, then finally was able to host her. I've had a little time to think about the journeys TC has made and the artists who have explored their home habitats with her and painted her portrait. 

It is so neat to imagine her traveling the world, gently handled by artistic hands and then carefully bundled and mailed 
to the next destination.

Traveling Chicken in SE Alaska w/Salmonberries  7"x5" oil on black mounting board
Safe travels TC - and Bon Voyage! 
(next stop Victoria, BC, Canada!)

And many thanks to Pandalana
for continuing to orchestrate this big adventure.

To see all of TC's SE Alaska trip go to my blog on July 4  -  teri's art
and scroll through.


  1. Happy Independence Day Juneau! This is such a lovely little painting :) Love the salmonberries with her! I did not know what they were and had to look them up; we don't have them over here. Thank you for the fireworks link!

  2. Thank you very much Panda! It was an honor. Happy painting!