Friday, May 6, 2016


TC and her traveling gang showed up at my door today.

TC is fine; as it Senor Azul and Mama and baby chics.  However, poor poor Senor Rojo is worse for wear with 2 broken legs.  He will be seeing the Chicken healer and staying with me for a while and resting.

TC, Senor Azul and Mama and baby chics will be on their way to California tomorrow to see Gabriele Baber

I have added some extra padding in their travel case and am looking into finding something better for them to travel in.  I thought the thick wine bottle insulator would be great; but they still need to have padding even in there; as shipping can get rough.  Poor travelers!

Gabriele is participating in a paint out with 100 other artists on the 11th of this month and wanted to share TC with her artists friends.

TC is tickled!

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