Friday, December 9, 2016

The Traveling Chicken visits NYC (Part 2)

'Gregarious Friends '
11 x 14 inches
Oil on Gessobord

What a group of chatty animals! After their initial introductions, Mr Jersey and Friesia the cows, TC, Mama Chick and her babies, Señor Gallo Azul and the three turkeys Bernard, Matthew and Cranberry all became great friends over the next few days.

Mr Jersey and Señor Gallo Azul just could not stop talking! At one point, I caught these four ^ laughing and having some great joke about something.

It had been raining all week in New York but on their last day, the rain finally stopped, so Ms Chick and Señor Azul decided to take the opportunity to go to see some of what they had heard about The Big Apple. Mama Chicken is not as outgoing as Señor Azul and TC, so she decided to stay home with the turkeys and her baby chicks. Besides, she was a bit daunted about all the noise and the traffic.

So the two intrepid friends set out and their first stop was Grand Central Station.

They were astounded at seeing so many people rushing about. Everybody seemed to be so busy and on their way somewhere.

There was an enormous gold clock in the middle of the station, which lots of people looked at while they checked their timetables.

It was all quite overwhelming at first, but these two fearless buddies soon adapted to the hustle and bustle and went to look outside.

Not far down the street, the two friends gasped at all the very tall buildings.

One of the buildings near the station was very shiny. A passer by told them it was called the Chrysler Building. The birds thought it was funny that it looked like there were two Chrysler buildings, but they realized that one of the buildings was just a reflection in a shop window.
A bit further on and the friends came across another building which had 'RADIO CITY' written in large letters on the outside.
Señor Azul and Ms Chick are not very tall and had to stand on a brass fire-hydrant in order to view it.

It was at this point that the intrepid travelers noticed that they were getting a lot of funny looks from passers-by.

I guess even in New York, it's not often that you will see a little yellow chicken and a blue rooster out sight-seeing.

By now the friends were very tired anyway and it was time to go home.

TC, Señor Azul and Mama Chicken had such a great time meeting the cows and the turkeys.

They are heading back to Pandalana (our marvelous 'Travelling Chicken' blog administrator) for a few days to rest before they set off again.

 'The Traveling Chicken visits NYC' - see: Part 1.

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Thanks for following TC and friends on their NYC adventure!


  1. Hi, Jacqueline. Your painting is beautiful...nicely done. The story of TC's visit is quite entertaining. I can tell you enjoyed it. (TC was with me in Georgia, in June 2016, and I enjoyed her too.) Have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Thank you Susan. You are right! Having TC and friends to stay was so much fun! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too and thank you so much for your positive comment.