Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Senor Azul Get His Portrait in New Jersey USA with Philla Barkhorn

I wanted to share my time spent as a host with these delightful new friends. 
First I did some fun set up.  They were thrilled with the little easel and Senor Azul marched right over in front of the canvas to create his shadow and said "paint me, paint me!"

He showed off for me and TC for a while and created some interesting poses with shadows for me.  He is such the celebrity!

I did a sketch of the pose I found most compelling; and he and everyone approved.

I posed him against a chromatic background and everyone loved it!

But Something was missing...

I remembered a cartoon I saw when I was a kid "Swooner Crooner" by Looney Tunes...

And so I added a microphone for Senor Azul and that made all the difference; as we all know how much he "swoons" over TC.