Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Traveling Chicken - continuing Part V

And the new Little Chicken arrived today from London, thanks to the Tiger Company of Denmark and their wonderful offer of assistance.  Jill, in Pasadena, now needs to paint her version of the Little Chicken and then send her on her way, with her entourage: El Pollo Azul, that strutter from Ensenada and her Mama and siblings from England, who arrived when the Little Chicken was in trouble.

The saga will continue. Stay tuned.


  1. So glad your replacement hen arrived safely!! She looks so tiny, yet very well protected in that big box. I would love a chance to draw and paint her! I am on the East Coast, here in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. LMK if you can send her my way. Best Wishes, Sandy

  2. Yea! Crowds are cheering!! She will now be able to continue her journey after that tragic episode at the Cantina! Thank you Azra for "hatching" this idea!!

    I would love to have her visit me in GA so I could show her around and paint her portrait!