Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Traveling Chicken - Part V Final

The replacement Little Chicken arrived two days ago from our friends at the Tiger Store in London. What fabulous people to have found another Chicken and to have mailed it off immediately so that she could continue her worldwide journey to fame!! (If you've followed her saga, you know that she was smashed by the U.S. Postal Service earlier in her career.)

She arrived with a severe case of jet lag and after climbing out of her suitcase, she settled in with Jill Polsby for a long tete-a-tete over a cup of coffee about traveling.
Jill tried and tried to paint the Little Chicken but she kept moving.....finally, late afternoon, the Chicken settled down for a nap and Jill quickly painted away. 

Here's the final version of "Havin' a Cuppa" in Pasadena.

She now resumes her travels and will go visit Ann Feldman of Illinois who will be taking her to Quebec on vacation.  After that stopover, Ann will mail her to:

K.S. Stitt of Agoura Hills, California
who when she's finished will mail her to:
Sandy Sandy (actual name) of New Jersey
who when she's finished will mail her to:
Kathleen Williford of Hampton, Georgia.

When Ann is ready to mail her, she will contact you to acquire your address information.

If you have any interest in joining in on this slow moving world-wide Traveling Chicken Art Project, you must comment on this blog.  The founders and originators will "vet" the names and add them to the list.


  1. I love this painting Jill! And I am excited to be meeting this little celebrity in person in the near future. Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  2. Hola tienes un bonito espacio,
    que tengas una buena semana.

  3. Great job Jill! Can't wait for her to visit me in GA. She must be having a blast with Ann in Quebec. Hope she can keep the crazy chick under control! After her last episode of running off and getting "smashed" at the Cantina, who knows what she'll try!

  4. Wow! I loved the story of the Travelling Chicken so far! I'm Anita Badami, living in Hyderabad, India. I would love to welcome her here and pose for a painting. I'm excited and hoping she will make it to India across the ocean, safe and sound... Thank you, Azra, for starting this wonderful idea/project!

    1. Anita, are you interested in joining in this Journey? I can add you to the waiting list, just let me know!

  5. Just found this project through Ann Feldman's post about it--love the idea of it and all the work so far. If you've got space for me in the tiny Chicken's itinerary, I'd love to host her.

  6. Hi Nan,
    Yes, I am interested in joining the chicken's journey. Thank you! I found this to be a very interesting concept. Please put me on the wait list. :)